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Changing of the Guard
The rising of Generation X

Carl Anderson Jr.

Published 2009, by New Wine Press

Changing of the Guard - book cover pic

Anyone in Generation X who is searching for purpose and anyone desiring to train the next generation to fulfil their God-given destiny should read this book.

Carl Anderson identifies the factors which have shaped you and I into an army poised to turn the world upside down for the Gospel. He motivates you to delve deeper into intimacy with God and offers instruction which will enable you to become disciplined and passionate soldiers.

"This book is an important tool to help the older and younger generations work together. I hope we all are listening."
J. Lee Grady, Editor Charisma Magazine

Carl Anderson is an associate evangelist with J.John.

Founder of Born to Blaze Ministries, he is also a succesful media corporation president.

He travels and ministers in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Will you accept His invitation to launch out in the Spirit and possess the inpossessible, believe the impossible, and live the radical life of faith on the edge of the frontier? If so, He will transform you into the Xtreme.

Carl Anderson

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