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Our satellite radio programmes are now being broadcast all over the Americas, Caribbean and Pacific region ...

From mid-December 2009 to October 2011, our 30-min, ‘In tha Name a’ Gawd!’ show aired every Saturday/Sunday on Universal Christian Radio - across North America, Central America & the Caribbean, New Zealand and in parts of South America and the Pacific.

Now our new show, ‘Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come (WHM)’ is airing Sundays @ 10:30 pm EST on UCR. The new show is based on the recently published book, The Whore and Her Mother: 9/11, Babylon and the Return of the King by Raymond McCullough. The potential audience on the combined Galaxy 19, SpiritCast & GloryStar satellites is in the region of 480 million people!

... and now the rest of the world - on Radio Eden

Our programs are also now reaching Europe, Russia, the Middle East & North Africa, on the Eurobird 9 satellite; and most of Asia & Africa, on the Intelsat 10 satellite (and now also on Galaxy 19 to North America/Pacific, also) - via Radio Eden - a potential audience of 5-6 billion people, in 175 countries!

Oklahoma, USA - 2013-01-28

I want to say hello from Oklahoma City.

For a year or more I have enjoyed Fresh Bread.

It is nice to know of someone who tells it the way it is and was intended to be BY GOD!!

Alex Williams (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

USA - 2013-01-28

Dear Pastor Raymond,

I am Kiri Burk and came to know of your program through a friend of mine at church.

She showed me how to receive you after church one night. This has become a great way to end my Sunday with you.

Kiri Burk (USA?)

Alberta, Canada - 2013-02-04 Prayer request

I am praying for Donna Howard and ask your prayer too.

She is a single mother who needs help. When her husband left he just disappeared without a trace.

No child support and no help with anything. Donna is trying to do it all herself.

She needs encouragement and help from God almighty. He is the one in charge of miracles. He can do it.

Tonia Talton (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

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Georgia, USA - 2013-01-28

Dear Brother McCullough,

I am Delores Perry and I listen in Macon, Georgia. I have heard your programs now for a couple of years and I like the "Fresh" path you are taking.

It makes a big difference for me.

Delores Perry (Macon, Georgia, USA)

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USA - 2013-01-21 Prayer request

God has helped me in the past and I know he will this time. It is my cousin I have to ask you to pray for. She wants to go back to work after raising her three kids. So far, it has been nothing but rejection. If it is God’s will I want this to work out for her.

Please have her in your prayers.
Her name is Connie Doherty
I am Dana Hunt
Thank you.

Dana Hunt (USA?)

USA - 2013-01-21

I grew up in a time when the radio was a miraculous thing. It has all changed so much. It is hard for me to believe, but I am listening to you now on a smart phone. The quality is crystal clear better than anything I have ever heard. And the best thing is that this is being used to the glory of God in your work.

I applaud you Pastor Raymond.

Mini Paulsen (USA?)

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California, USA - 2013-01-14

You are an enlightening minister who gives us a real new look at things that sometimes we have accepted without much thought.

THINKING is essential!

Bless you Brother Raymond.

Dora Meyers (San Mateo, California, USA)

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USA - 2012-12-24 Prayer request

God is just a prayer away and I pray to him today. My request is for prayer for a friend, Jim Ramsey. He has skin cancer and it has been getting worse. Every time I turn around they are cutting on him.

I pray God will give him some relief.

Davita Jones (USA?)

USA - 2012-12-24

Dear Brother Raymond,

Until I heard your broadcast, I thought that intelligent radio had gone the way of the Edsel. Kudos to you for holding out for a quality program.

Miriam Witherspoon-Harding (USA?)

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USA - 2012-12-17

Dear Brother Raymond,

We must all pray for those people who lost family in that terrible school shooting in Connecticut. It is such a terrible thing that this kind of thing can happen. This country has to do something to stop this kind of thing from happening.

Marilyn Willis (USA)

North Carolina, USA - 2012-12-17

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Jesus paid a very high price for us. We were meant to look to Him for everything. I put everything in His most capable hands.

I am listening, growing and rejoicing in your program every week.

In Jesus Christ our precious Lord,

Shannon Starek (Durham, N.C., USA)

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USA - 2012-12-10

Dear Brother Raymond,

With my hand in God’s hand, he will direct me. It takes knowledge of him and understanding that he has more power and more knowledge than any mortal.

This attitude has made a great change for me over the years and I have heard your program and I really like that you see the truth that God is trying to tell us all.

Not everyone wants to hear the truth. Many had rather live in their disillusionment.

Let’s stand up for truth.

Mary Wills (USA?)

USA - 2012-12-10 Prayer request

I got a bad diagnosis this week. The doctor says I have Parkinson’s. It seems hard to believe. I have had a good and very active life and now this.

I am frightened and yet I am determined to do the very best that I can to live the best I can.

Maybe you can say a prayer for me.

Louis Garner (USA?)

USA - 2012-12-10

Dear Pastor McCullough,

The GlobaSat receiver is very strong here. We have previously heard you on internet, but when we changed our satellite provider this is what we got.

Enjoying your work in the Lord,

Sylvia Davis (USA?)

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USA - 2012-12-03

You do your Christ-led work with excellence and great confidence. This indicates that God is in this program.

I am with you.

Dave Summers (USA?)

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USA - 2012-11-26

This week and all the advertising have made me think about the commercialism of Christmas. It is sad what has happened in this country.

Christmas is so important, but the shopping is not.

Diana King (USA)

USA - 2012-11-26

I came across Fresh Bread on the TuneIn Radio app and I wanted to tell you that it was a blessing.

God brings good things to my life.

Keep up the very good work.

Allison Daniels (USA?)

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USA - 2012-11-23

We hope you are having a great day. Here in the states, we are celebrating our Thanksgiving Day. We all have so much to be thankful for.

We hope that you are having a great day and we enjoy your Fresh Bread that you deliver to us!

Tammy and Jeff Elliott (USA)

USA - 2012-11-19

All the possibilities lie with God. I think sometimes people have a hard time wrapping their brains around the idea of a being that is all powerful and all knowing. It is a big concept to say the lease, but our God is the only one of his kind and he has given so much to us and for us. We must be grateful and glorify him in all we do ... like you do with this broadcast. Each one of us can reach someone else and do our individual part in our own way to save souls and help God in growing his kingdom. Thank you very much for telling the truth.

Jane Rutherford (USA?)

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USA - 2012-11-05 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I think prayer is always important and at this moment it is certainly important to my friend Darla Greig. She has severe rheumatoid arthritis and she is getting to the point that can’t do much of anything. It really hurts to see someone who was once so vibrant and so active to be in this terrible shape.

I will really appreciate you having her in your prayers.

Rosa Hernandez (USA?)

USA - 2012-11-05

We have an election coming in this country and I hate to say it, but nothing is going to change no matter which one of these guys wins.

I think the problem is that the 1% of the population, the big business people have all the politicians in their pockets. It is sad. God needs to be back in the U.S. system.

Jackson Holland (USA)

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USA - 2012-10-29

I don’t want to be in the dark. I want to be in the know when it comes to what’s going on in the world and what I can do as a Christian to make it better.

I think that’s what God expects of me. I always appreciate your ministry.

Jerry Chaffino (USA?)

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Utah, USA - 2012-10-22

I live in Utah and we don’t have much other than Mormon programming here. I like what you are doing on radio. A new approach.

Jill Gilbert (UT, USA)

Georgia, USA - 2012-10-22

Dear Brother McCullough,

If we act according to the Word of God, America would not be in the mess we are in today. Too much of what has happened in this country is because of greed. God would not approve of that. I don’t think so.

Carla Timms (Columbus, Georgia, USA)

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USA - 2012-10-15

I tell my friends about Fresh Bread because you have a ministry like no one other that I know of.

Change is not easy, but I know you are touching lives and helping advance the cause of Jesus Christ.

D.W. Setser (USA?)

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USA - 2012-10-08 Prayer request

God hears prayer Brother Ray. I need him to hear mine and know that I need his help on my job. I am seeing an injustice in the way our boss treats a particular woman that he has at one time had an involvement with.

He is always berating her in front of other employees and trying to make her look foolish. I think it was a bad break-up because she took a Christian stand and he didn’t like it.

I am praying for peace to return to our work place and for these two people to learn to live without strife. It will make all our lives better. I would hope that you can pray for all concerned.

Peggy Hamilton (USA?)

Nevada, USA - 2012-10-08

I have been away taking care of my ailing mother for about two weeks and I was way off my schedule and I didn’t get a chance to hear you. Now I am back and returning to my old routine and to listening to you. I am glad you are a part of my life because I always look forward to your broadcast.

Blessings for you and the ministry of Fresh Bread,

Frances Bailey (Reno, Nevada, USA)

USA - 2012-10-08

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I found your name in the survey and voted for you as my favorite program. This is just great.

Blessings in this fine work!

Marie Joiner (USA?)

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USA - 2012-10-01

Dear Pastor McCullough,

If our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life, then these things of man are of no consequence for us in the long run. It can certainly make things bad in the short run for us here on this planet, but I keep my thoughts on Jesus and on life eternal with Him in his heavenly home. Won’t that be a glorious day when we are all together up there.

In Jesus and on His path,

Collin Weston (USA?)

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USA - 2012-09-24 Prayer request

Danielle Harris is a woman I work with and I have been very concerned about the way the boss is treating her. I suspect that there may have been some involvement between the two of them in the past because it has turned a little nasty with the boss making some snide remarks to her from time to time. She seems like a really nice person and the situation is not good for her and it is unpleasant for the rest of us.

Please have her and us in your prayers.

Alice Dillon (USA?)

Chicago, USA - 2012-09-24

I have no idea just where you are, but I like to hear your accent and I enjoy the bold program that you do. I have listened to you a couple times and like what you say.

P-S I listen in Chicago

Bless you, your family and this ministry.

Sally Pat Robinson (Chicago, IL, USA)

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California, USA - 2012-09-10

I hope my note finds things going well with you and Fresh Bread. I have enjoyed your broadcast for a long time and I want to say thank you for a good and truth-filled program that I anticipate listening to every Sunday.

Bless you, your family and this ministry.

Nadine Pollard (San Jose, CA, USA)

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Australia - 2012-09-03 Prayer request

My prayer request for Helen Mason.

To Pastor McCullough.

Helen has MS and it is really bad. Right now, prayer in a sincere fashion can really make a difference.

Alice Winchester (Australia)

USA - 2012-09-03

Dear Brother Raymond,

I think the members of a lot of churches today are just filling up space. They are not really alive in the Lord. I have had my day as a ‘space-filler’ but no more. I am a Christian with passion these days and I feel so blessed.

Thank you for your teaching in the way of the Lord.

Angela Wright (USA?)

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USA - 2012-08-27

I am gripped by Fresh Bread and have been for a long time.

It is different and the Lord deserves this kind of information. Blessings in this fine ministry.

Jon Geiger (USA?)

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New York, USA - 2012-08-20 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

My friend Glennis Hicks has a growth on her liver that is going to have to be removed in surgery next week. I am very concerned about her. It sounds very serious and I pray that God will be there with her taking care of her. I want to ask for you to have her in your prayers.

Rosie Keeney (Long Island, NY, USA)

USA - 2012-08-20

I am Barb Glassen and my brother Jim told me about Fresh Bread and I started listening about four or five weeks ago. You speak the truth and purity of the Word as God desires.

Barb Glassen (USA?)

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Ohio, USA - 2012-08-13

Dear Pastor Raymond,

I enjoy hearing your insight and perspective. It is a clear armor against the devil.

Ida Griffin (Dayton, Ohio, USA)

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USA - 2012-08-06

We are the Gaines family and we are getting a good blessing through your broadcast. We hear you every week on TuneIn Radio. A good broadcast all the way around with good information.

Gaines family (USA?)

USA - 2012-08-06 Prayer request

I got to ask prayers today. I am sick with shingles and the constant pain is setting me on fire. God give me some relief. He can.

Please pray Brother Raymond.

Ann Cowan (USA?)

New York, USA - 2012-08-06

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I believe that God is in all things that are courageous and outstanding. I feel like he is working in your mission because I understand where you are coming from and what you are trying to do for people. This program is a blessing.

Lettie Burton (Buffalo, New York, USA)

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USA - 2012-07-30

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Your dedication is rubbing off on me. This is a good work that you are doing and you make me want to reach out and help other folk to know the Lord the way you have helped me.

Irene Mansfield (USA?)

California, USA - 2012-07-30

God does it all for us and we have to stop sometimes and think about all that happens in our lives and the great gifts that He makes possible.

Lin Ho (San Francisco, CA, USA)

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USA - 2012-07-23

God’s blessings Pastor McCullough.

He is setting the paths that we must all follow. I am blessed.

Marcus Richards (USA?)

New York, USA - 2012-07-23

It takes courage to be a Christian in these times because oftentimes it seems like all are against us. It pleases me to hear your broadcast and know that you are a light of hope.

Toni Lipton (Syracuse, NY, USA)

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USA - 2012-07-16

The understanding that you have put into this program is terrific. I am glad that I was told about this.

Thanks Reverend McCullough.

Tom Unger (USA?)

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USA - 2012-07-09

The iPhone has brought you on vacation with me and my family this year.

Blessings in the word. We enjoy the program.

Carla Thomason (USA?)

Montreal, Canada - 2012-07-09

Dear Pastor Raymond,

I always listen to your broadcast and I am very blessed in the way you teach because you are set apart from the others. You dare to be different in doing what the Lord wants you to do for him. This is to be applauded. Thanks for daring.

Greg Williams (Montreal, Canada)

Los Angeles, USA - 2012-07-09

Dear Brother McCullough,

I want to follow the path set out by the Lord. I want to follow his leading and obeying His instruction. I am constantly aware of His loving mercy.

Carolyn Pollock (Los Angeles, USA)

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Canada - 2012-07-02

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I love your program and the path it takes and the instruction your teaching gives me for the Lord.

I try to see everything every day that happens as part of God’s will for my life. And I give thanks for everything, including you.

Sally K. Jones (Canada)

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USA - 2012-06-25

As Christians we are destined to win—We simply must stand up to the Devil. You do it and I do it too every single day. That is what I like about your program. You don’t skim over things.

Kerensa Fitz (USA?)

USA - 2012-06-25

Your Fresh Bread challenges me and blesses me.

Thank you.

A. Matheson (USA?)

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USA - 2012-06-18

It is great to hear a program from someone who shares my same principles and understanding of the holy word. This is what people in this world need to be learning and I salute you in your work for the Lord Jesus.

NJ Pruitt (USA?)

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Georgia, USA - 2012-06-11 Prayer request

Prayer Request to Pastor Raymond:

It’s for Helen Capes. She has a real jerk of a husband and I am not seeing a pretty ending to her story. She has told him he has to go and that she is filing for divorce, but he keeps coming by and breaking into her car and her house and keeps making her miserable and feel unsafe. We are praying for her life to get better.

Mary Jo Nichols (Cartersville, Georgia, USA)

USA - 2012-06-11

I am in hopes that this note finds you well in your growing ministry. I have listened to you for a pretty good period of time and I am touched by your broadcast. I have to tell you how I appreciate you. You do and say what God expects.


Elizabeth Polakof (USA?)

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USA - 2012-05-28

Praise Jesus.

It is a comfort to know that someone cares about telling the whole truth ... as to how the Bible encompasses what’s going on in the world.

James Morton Quinn (USA?)

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USA - 2012-05-21 Prayer request

Dear Minister McCullough,

Prayer is essential to me and I know that you are a praying man too. I hope that you will pray for my friend Julia and her struggle with alcohol.

I have known her since high school and she started drinking during her first marriage. I feel like she can kick this, but she is going to have to go cold turkey. No alcohol at all. I have made an appointment for her to start in a new program here and she has agreed to go. She checks in on Monday.

I pray that God is going to help her along this path to sobriety. It will take a lot for her to get through this and make a lasting change, but I think all significant change is because God is in it.

Bless you and this broadcast work of yours.

Lisa Ward (USA?)

USA - 2012-05-21

I like the broadcast. I will go to your website. The events that are to happen in the Middle East are of keen interest to me and what is going to play out. I am sure there is even more info on your site.

James Colson (USA?)

USA - 2012-05-21

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Bless the Lord all my soul and all that is within me. He is alive today and is the great miracle maker. I am back in good health today because of his healing ability. I write because I enjoy your program and you have helped me to know the father with a strong faith in my heart and soul. He can make great things happen.

Lee Ann Penzo (Portland, Oregon, USA)

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Canada - 2012-05-14

Dear Minister McCullough,

Your understanding of what the events of this world mean in relation to the Bible is great. Many people need a teacher like you.

In my house, we are enjoying your work for our Holy God.

Wilma Richardson (Canada)

USA - 2012-05-14

Hasn’t the middle east ALWAYS been in war!

Sure seems that way.

Callie Patterson (USA?)

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USA - 2012-05-7

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I want to be sure that I am walking in my calling. It seems that people like you have found a definite calling and I know that God has a plan for me, but I just don’t know exactly what that is at this point. I will have to be patient and see what he lays out for me. Bless you as you do what he has put before you to do.


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USA - 2012-04-30 Prayer request

Dear Brother McCullough,

It would be a real favor if you could pray for Sandy Ballard. She hasn’t been to church in 3 weeks and I just found out that it is because her MS is acting up and she is really having trouble getting around.

The doctors have helped her a lot but I know that God is the miracle maker and He can give Sandy real relief.

Prayers are always appreciated.

Bless you in your ministries,

Paula Willis (USA)

Washington State, USA - 2012-04-30

Dear Brother Raymond,

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God. Now that says everything totally. Our objective has to be to really know the word and to allow their true meaning to be our guide. The Bible is my handbook for my life as a follower of Jesus. I know I have to do that even when I am shunned by those around me.

Rex Iannuzzi (Seattle, Washington State, USA)

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Missouri, USA - 2012-04-23

Your broadcast is out of the box and that is a good thing for those who value real knowledge and not the stuff that is being passed off for it in most places today. You are a real man of God who is really doing God’s ministry.

Thank you for doing it right!

Velma Stewart (Springfield, Missouri, USA)

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USA - 2012-04-16

There is a great article in the Newsweek magazine this week called "Forget the Church, Follow Jesus". It is about how the politicians (in the US) have politicized religion. I think it is pretty good. Read it if you have a chance. It is available on line.

In Christ,

Rheola Kinstle (USA)

USA - 2012-04-16

Dear Brother Ray,

May the peace and joy that is possible through knowing the Lord be with you always. Your wonderful voice is with me as I end my weekend and I am so impressed that you have such a stand-up and distinctive ministry for the Lord.

Truth hurts sometimes, but truth is what we all need.

Rhonda Davis (USA)

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USA - 2012-04-02

Dear Reverend McCullough,

My name is Cathy Klassen and I lived a terrible childhood of abuse and degradation that I suffered from and tried to deal with for a long time. I found that God held hope for me and the true happiness that I believe now is only possible with him. God is Love and God is HOPE.

Cathy Klassen (USA?)

Australia - 2012-04-02 Prayer request

I am scared for my dear old friend Nancy Jo White. She has a spot on her lung and she is not doing anything about it.

She knows how serious it could be and she has not gone back for the tests or follow-up appointments. I know that God can help her and I also know that God helps those who help themselves. Please pray for her and I pray and hope that God will look after her.

Marla Wilbanks (Australia)

USA - 2012-04-02

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Your program is one of the best quality of programs on the radio here. Most of what is on these days is just junk and jargon without substance of the Lord’s word of intent. I am glad you take a new approach. I am blessed.

Dominick Varnedoe (USA)

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USA - 2012-03-26 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am Charla Gooden and I have a very sick mother. She has pneumonia and it is stubborn.

This has gone on for almost a week now and she is being pumped full of antibiotics and I know the doctors are doing all they can.

I will appreciate you having her in your prayers. Her name is Brenda Stevens.

Charla Gooden (USA)

Illinois, USA - 2012-03-26

I pray for your unique mission. You have something to say for God and you don’t mind saying what needs to be said. Thanks for speaking up.

Marilu Denison (Springfield, Illinois, USA)

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USA - 2012-03-19 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

I want to ask you for prayer in the case of my neighbor Janet Sullivan. She has become very obese in the years that I have known her. And she is now over 300 pounds and it is bringing on all manner of disease including heart disease and diabetes mellitus. This is very sad to me and all who know her.

In Christ,

Jill Jackson Smith (USA)

Illinois, USA - 2012-03-19

Your accent sets the tone for your rich program. My sister and I really enjoy your speaking.

Belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Roxanna Jordan (Milwaukee, Illinois, USA)

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Puerto Rico - 2012-03-12

Dear Pastor McCullough,

You have a new kind of approach and I have now been listening to you every week. I started because my friend Ana told me about this station and I have been blessed very much. Thank you and bless you.

Carolina Sanchez (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

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USA - 2012-03-05 Prayer request

I want to help my old friend Ralph Griffin. He has pneumonia and it is not getting better like the doctors said it would.

Doctors don’t know everything, but God does and I know that he can cure Ralph. If you could include him in your prayers I know God will hear and help my old buddy.

In God’s way and plan,

Winston Burton (USA?)

USA - 2012-03-05

Outstanding and standing out! Great to hear!

Bless u Pastor Raymond.

Martin Sullivan (USA?)

USA - 2012-03-05

I heard someone say not long ago that everything we own will be in someone else’s name in 50 or 60 years. When you really think about it isn’t that the way it really is.

We just can’t concern ourselves with these earthly and worldly things. You help me keep my perspective with God. The only eternity.

Milton Fisher (USA?)

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Ohio, USA - 2012-02-27

Dear Brother Raymond.

It is OK to stand out from the pack. Thanks for doing it.

Penny Faison (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

USA - 2012-02-27 Prayer request

My sister is in the hospital with Hepatitis B. She has ignored the symptoms and now things are serious. It is hard to believe she could have ignored this as is can be debilitating. We are worried sick for her. Please pray for her – her name is Sarah. Thank you very much.

Wanda Bridges (USA?)

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Brazil - 2012-02-20

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I moved from the darkness into the light. It happened when I found Jesus the Christ who leads and directs my life when I gave it over to Him. It is blessed freedom and I glory in it.

Paulo Freitas (Brazil)

USA - 2012-02-20 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

Mary Lynn Dyal needs prayer tonight. She has been having trouble breathing and the doc says now that she has C.O.P.D. I’m not sure what all that involves, but she says it was all those years of smoking that caused it. I feel so sorry for her and I pray that she can have some kind of normal life. There are all kinds of new medicines and treatments out there.

A prayer from you would help I know.

Suzanne Giles (USA?)

USA - 2012-02-20

I am a long times listener and I have aways liked your way of talking. I love the accent and the way you teach the real meaning of the Gospel.

Thanks for a good broadcast.

June Thompson (USA?)

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USA - 2012-02-13

This loaf is really fresh in content and presentation. You have a great message that the world needs to hear.

Lottie Sullivan (USA?)

USA - 2012-02-13 Prayer request

I am looking to you for prayer and to God for the healing that my cousin Hal needs.

He has liver cancer and it is very dangerous. He says they caught it early, but I don’t know. A healing prayer can make a difference I am sure of it.


E Sutherland (USA?)

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USA - 2012-01-30

Dear Brother Raymond,

If someone is pleasing man, he is not pleasing God. God is the one thing that we should consider in everything we do.

There is absolutely no need to be concerned with any of the cares of this world. I pray that I will always stay away from worldly ways. I pledge to Jesus that I will always fight the devil.

Ann Cowan (USA?)

Illinois, USA - 2012-01-30

I say AMEN every week as I listen to Fresh Bread’s broadcast. I am always pleased to hear your teaching and your message is right on the target!

Patricia Osteen (Springfield, Illinois, USA)

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USA - 2012-01-23

I am enjoying your Fresh Bread series. Your writing is inspiring and leads me to want to do more in my own life for Christ. You are really telling the truth in this series. It is stuff than some don’t want to talk about, but it is definitely TRUE.

PS- I liked the song by Split Level. Really good.

Rhonda Jane Harris (USA?)

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USA - 2012-01-16 Prayer request

I find myself really in need of prayer. My sister and I haven’t spoken for 7 years and it is tearing me apart. I said something about politics that made her so mad and I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I realized she has cut off communication with me I was shocked. We had been close to that point.

I have to repair this. I pray God can help me repair this situation. I love my sister.

In Christ,

Brenda Sims (USA?)

USA - 2012-01-16

Totally devoted to Christ is my resolution in this year. There is such confusion around me with all kinds of things going on with my family and I have to concentrate on the Lord and know that he will make it all right. I listen to you every Sunday and I feel I can really grow my God relationship.

Bless you,

June Harrison (USA?)

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USA - 2012-01-09

This life is temporary and I know that I am just passing through. I am ready to leave this world to be with him in eternity at any time.

In Christ our King,

Marie Lawson (USA)

USA - 2012-01-09

Brother Raymond,

Like your program. I just came up on it on my friend’s sat receiver.

Bless u.

Corley Seever (USA?)

Florida, USA - 2012-01-09

Your Fresh Bread is a big breath of fresh air.

Thank you so much.

June Bradford (Boca Raton, Florida, USA)

Back to Top

Minnesota, USA - 2012-01-02

God has called us all to serve Him. I love your program and the way you have chosen to teach us and reach out to us.  I know that it is to the glory of the Lord.

Blessings in the Word,

Bernard Edwins (St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA)

USA - 2012-01-02

Dear Brother Raymond,

My Jesus is personal to me. He can also be personal to every other Christian. That is a miracle in itself. He is so amazing in our lives.

You make me always aware of his importance. This ministry of yours is quite different, but the word is of the Lord. I appreciate you.

John Winston (USA)

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Ontario, Canada - 2011-12-26

Dear Pastor McCullough,

It is a joyous day here, and we ended our day and listened to your broadcast as we always do. You are a consistent source of unique programs for us and we listen every Sunday as a habit of good choosing.

Bless you in the work you are doing.

Lynnette Keesler (Toronto, ON, Canada)

New York, USA - 2011-12-26

Best wishes for this Merry Christmas Day!

Caroline Walker (Albany, New York, USA)

USA - 2011-12-26 Prayer request

Please pray for Marge Allen. She is a victim of arthritis and is suffering very bad with pains in her joints. Medicine has not done much for her.

God can do all things and I know that he can help her.

Thank you very much Brother Raymond.

Joan Cooper (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-12-19

Miss ur old program
but this is good 2.

Cathy Richards (USA?)

USA - 2011-12-19 Prayer request

I want to see if you will accept a prayer request for Allen McNeil. He is my cousin and he is having Parkinsons disease and it is really taking a terrible toll on him.

They can’t find a drug that works good for him. I ask God for some help for him. Please have him on your prayers list.

In Jesus Lord,

Laurie Hoag (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-12-05

I have heard your new program and I say it is blessing to me. Your methods give me confidence and hope in the Lord and what he is going to do for me in my life.

He has a plan for all of us and you are an example of the work that people do for him to help others.

Martin Goode (Roswell, Georgia, USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-11-28

Brother Raymond,

The Victory is ours and I know we are going to experience it soon. The signs are all out there and I can’t wait to see my Jesus.

I know you and I are going to be in that number – the Saints will be marching in the golden gates.

Vonda Young (USA?)

Quebec, Canada - 2011-11-28

Dear Reverend McCullough,

Everything that we are doing in this life has to be for the glory of God. I want to make sure that I am an ambassador for Jesus wherever I go and in whatever I do.

Marcie Robertson (Montreal, QC, Canada)

USA - 2011-11-28

I will not lose heart. I know that God has a plan for me and I must be steadfast in my alliance with Jesus. He put me here for a reason and I find that my faith is expanding through the trials and problems of our day.

Randi Poston (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-11-21

Dear Brother McCullough,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. Your broadcast is the prescription I need for my soul. This is quite a blessing.

I have also gotten my husband to listen and that took some work.

God be with you always in this work! You have something special going on.

Ellen Stockton (USA?)

USA - 2011-11-21

Going, going, gone. It’s going to be that fast when the Lord returns and takes us away with Him. I just know it is. I am looking forward to that day when we are with Him and away from all of this. If I could speed it up I would, but it is all in His hands.

Connie Bryant (USA?)

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USA - 2011-11-14 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

I have a very old and good friend who is suffering from some kind of dementia. It has been so painful to watch this once energetic and mentally sharp man lose so much of his memory. I hate to see him struggle and to suffer with this. My friends and I are praying and I would like to ask you to pray also.


Joan Roberts (USA?)

Missouri, USA - 2011-11-14

It is great to get a taste of the music from your area. We don’t have much of that here. Americans just don’t hear much music from other parts of the world and it is one of the reasons I enjoy your show.

Blessings always,

Aaron Carter (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

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USA - 2011-11-07

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Thank you for daring to bring us something interesting in Christian radio. Most of it is just the same old thing, but you are always outstanding.

Ambrosio Gomez (USA)

USA - 2011-11-07

Dear Brother Raymond,

I recorded your program to share with my Aunt Sarah who is in the nursing home. I think she will appreciate it.

I hope you don’t mind.

Susannah Ayers (USA?)

USA - 2011-11-07 Prayer request

I need a prayer for Katherine James. She lost her baby. It is the second bad pregnancy for her and she is terribly upset.

She and her husband would make such good parents and they want a baby so bad. I know that God can make this right for them.

I hope you can pray for them.

Luanne Halsted (USA?)

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California, USA - 2011-10-03 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

I ask that you please pray for Joan Torrence. She is in the hospital with pneumonia.

It causes her problems every year or so. I am afraid that sometime she won’t be able to recover.

Barb Dobson (L.A., California, USA)

USA - 2011-10-31

Congrats on your new program. I loved the old one too. You do excellent in all you do. Your writing is outstanding.

In Jesus,

Callie Long (USA?)

NEW PROGRAMME — Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come

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USA - 2011-10-17

I have listened to you a long time Brother Raymond and I am always excited to hear what you are going to talk about.

This is a fine broadcast to me. The most interesting on radio.

Praise Jesus.

Bill Johnson (USA)

USA - 2011-10-17

Sometimes I feel like a broken vessel that life has thrown away and then I think about God and all he has done for me and once again I know deep in my heart that God is there supporting me and making my life worth while.

The great people stories that you have on your show are inspiring to me and help me realize that God has a purpose for me in his world and I must keep my heart and mind open to do as He commands me.


Kathryn Freeman (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-10-10

I completely enjoy and I rejoice in the fine broadcast you do......In the Name!

Mary Louise Lowler (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-10-03

Pastor Raymond:

God is just a prayer away. He is there and ready to listen to us with our concerns. He is also waiting for us in heaven and we must be prepared to go there any day at any hour.

I listen to you every Sunday because I feel that your stories about people are very good lessons in life.

Bless you in this Christian journey.

Jimmy Wilkins (USA)

USA - 2011-10-03 Prayer request

Pastor McCullough, if you don’t mind, please say prayers for Miriam Thompson. She has been addicted to prescription pain killers for several years.

I didn’t realize what was the matter at first. But then it got so serious and she lost her job. We found out that what started out as treatment for a back injury became an addiction and she was prescription shopping from doctor to doctor and all else that goes along with it. Just terrible. She has to get her life back together. God will provide a solution.

In Christ Jesus,

Maria Kelly (USA?)

USA - 2011-10-03

Right on target - This is the way a Christian broadcast should be. You set a good example for the way Christians should live.

Vince Carter (USA?)

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USA - 2011-09-26 Prayer request

My next door neighbor Tanya needs prayer bad. She is a good person but she has been seeing a man who is just gutter trash and is abusing her.

I guess her self-esteem is so bad that she thinks she can’t do any better, but I know she can. Please include her at your next prayer meeting.

Thank you and your ministry.

Sandra Owens (USA?)

USA - 2011-09-26

I try my best Brother Raymond. I want to do all I can for the Lord.
I don’t want to be at the gates of heaven and be turned away.
There is too much at stake not to want to be all I can be as a Christian.

The stories that you tell are keeping my compass working so well.

Candice Keeler (USA?)

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USA - 2011-09-19

Dear Brother Raymond,

The work with the children in Eastern Europe is great. There are good things being done for God’s children.

This deserves attention and the help of good Christian people.

Yolanda Corman (USA)

USA - 2011-09-19 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

The hectic pace of her life is really wearing on my sister Marie. She lives in New York and tries to be the tops in her work.

It is making her a crazy person. I pray God will help her to find the serenity that only He can provide.

Please include her on your prayer list.

Mary Wisner (USA)

Back to Top

Missouri, USA - 2011-09-12

Dear Brother McCullough,

I am trying the best I can to live my life in line with God’s word.

You have given me good lessons through some wonderful Christian lives and they are helpful guidance to walk the straight and narrow way of our Lord. Yours is a really good program, In tha Name~!

Thanks and praise Jesus!

Darla Jane Miller (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

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USA - 2011-09-05

Pastor McCullough

I got you by iPhone tonight. Just bought it yesterday and the quality is great! Just wanted you to know.

Robert Gaines (USA)

U.S. Virgin Islands - 2011-09-05 Prayer request

Cal Weaver is my student and his family is very poor and I am worried about them and I have made it my project to try and help them out.

I want to do the right thing and I seek God’s guidance. Prayer can help in this situation.

Jo Ann Edwards (St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands)

USA - 2011-09-05

Freedom is the power to do what you are supposed to do. That is Christian responsibility. I am working to always be a responsible Christian. There is so much to do in this life to help in the Kingdom expansion. One of the things I admire about the remarkable people you have on your show is that they always step up to the place and do what they see and recognize as the thing that has to be done. They set great examples for the rest of us.

I pray that I will also do as the Father plans for me.

Nancy Baldwin (USA?)

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USA - 2011-08-29 Prayer request

Prayer Request: For Carlton Devane

This great friend of my family is having open heart surgery this coming week and I was wondering if you could have him on your list of prayers.

It would sure be appreciated. Thank you.

Joan Avila (USA?)

USA - 2011-08-29

Pastor McCullough,

God puts opportunities along our paths and he has put some great ones in my path.

The folk you have on your show are all people who have seen and followed the opportunities provided by our Heavenly Father.

Praise the Lord and may he be blessing your work big time.

In the Lord,

Shirley Newton (USA?)

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USA - 2011-08-22

To Pastor Raymond McCullough

I wish we had more broadcasts like yours Mr. McCullough. There is very little in really interesting programs on air today. Most are just the same old fire and brimstone (in the States, at least) and there is a lot more to our Lord’s message than that. You seem to know that.

Adam Pedersen (USA)

USA - 2011-08-22

I want to walk as Jesus walked, knowing that He offers total peace in the knowledge of a sure eternity!

The people on your show really know HOW Jesus walked and lived on this earth and how he STILL lives today!

Bless you, Pastor McCullough!

Ali Hughes (USA?)

New York, USA - 2011-08-22 Prayer request

Please include in your prayers my friend Connie. She is in the hospital with a broken hip. I think it is related to her osteoporosis. She needs a healing from the Lord.

Prayer can help her.

Thank you.

Edna Smith (Long Island, New York, USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-08-15 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Please say a prayer for my sister Jane. She is alcoholic and can’t seem to break the habit. It is terrible and it is destroying her life and her family. I am distraught over this. I am convinced that God is the only help left for her. He can do miracles and we need one for her.

Please say a prayer for her. I really appreciate it.

Marcus Richards (USA?)

USA - 2011-08-15

Dear Brother Raymond,

I have your program in my prayers. I have listened a long time and I feel like I know much more of my fellow believers in this world and what they are doing for the Lord. This is the only program of its kind on the air that I know of.

Bless you!

Glenn Neblett (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-08-01 Prayer request

Brother Raymond,

Please say a prayer for my nephew Rog. He is about to go away to college and he has never been away from home before. I know he will be exposed to a lot of things and I have confidence that he will rely on his Christian up-bringing. I pray for God to watch over him in his new life adventure.

His Uncle<,br />
Jim Smithwick (USA?)

Alabama, USA - 2011-08-01

Dear Pastor McCullough,

You tell of some amazing people with some outstanding experiences with and for the Lord. I also am ready to be all he wants me to be.

Your stories have given me that confidence. It makes so much difference to know and feel that we are right-thinking Christians. With that confidence we can all make progress for the Kingdom of the Lord.

Dorothy Johnson (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

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USA - 2011-07-25

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I want to thank you for giving the abortion issue some renewed attention.

It has gotten pushed to the back with all the other things that are making news today.

Margaret Collins (USA?)

USA - 2011-07-25

What an incredible variety of great music you have on this broadcast. I love music of all kinds and your program is a treasure.

Thank you for doing this.

Fred Benton (USA?)

USA - 2011-07-25 Prayer request

I don’t think my husband is trying very hard on his new job. It is really unusual. He had been out of work for 7 months and now that he is working again, all he does is complain about it. I think he should be grateful. I ask God to help me to understand and to help my husband in this new situation. Please have prayer for us.

Jeaneen Furness (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-07-18

Your program always has great examples of the way God is working in the lives of his people. It is an inspiration to hear the stories that you tell and how people respond to God’s plan for their lives. I also enjoy the fine Irish music that you play. I wish we hade more of that in the U.S.

Bless you, Pastor McCullough.

Cheryl Lucas (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-07-11

Dear Brother Raymond,

I love all kinds of music and I love to hear about what people are doing in other parts of the world. You offer some variety that I don’t have from other programs here.

It is great to know someone steps out to do something really different that is informative and helpful in the Lord’s world.

Praise Him!

Laura Williams (USA?)

USA - 2011-07-11 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Please pray for my friend Sam Riggs. He just found out he has cancer and I am scared of that for him.

In prayer,

Kelly Daniels (USA?)

Back to Top

Canada - 2011-07-04

Every week you have a lesson of human experience with God and how God has infuenced their lives and actions.

It inspires me to walk that closer walk with God.


Marie Coolidge (Canada)

Kentucky, USA - 2011-07-04

It was great to hear you tonight Brother Raymond. I have been in the hospital and they would not permit me to listen there.

I am grateful to God to be home again.

Julia Frederick (Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA)

USA - 2011-07-04 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

My wonderful friend Deb is dating a bad man. He mistreats her terrible and I think as a friend I have to talk with her about this. I have known of his other abusive relationships and I don’t want her getting in this same situation. Pray for her and pray that God and I can help her.

Tamara Francis (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-06-27 Prayer request

Brother Raymond,

I am requesting your prayers for Jim Lawrence.
He is an old friend with cancer.

It is making me very sad to see how it is destroying him. So sad and I am hoping and praying for a true miracle for him and his family.

Shannon Potter (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-06-20

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I’m not sure you celebrate Fathers’ Day in Ireland, but that’s what today is here in the states. I wish you a happy Fathers’ Day one way or the other! Have a great day. I always enjoy hearing what you are talking about.

Faye Bolton (USA?)

USA - 2011-06-20 Prayer request

TO: Rev. McCullough

I want to have prayers for Patti Kirkland. She and I have been friends since we were little kids in kindergarten.

Her husband has taken up with a woman he met in a bar after work. He moved out and is not taking care of Patti and the kids anymore. It is very sad and I feel for her so.

Joy Hanrahan (USA?)

Missouri, USA - 2011-06-20

I pray for the blessing of the Lord in your Christ-centered mission. It is very encouraging to hear of good works for the growth of God’s glorious kingdom. The music is also very nice.

Roberta Turner (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-06-13 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

It would be good if you could pray for my friend Paula Phipps.

She has live cancer and we are hopeful for her recovery. Of course it is frightening for us all, but I know God can get her through this.

Myra Cowan (USA?)

USA - 2011-06-13

It is great that you do stories about things that go on in Israel.

We get no information about Israel (other than superficial) in the U.S.- I don’t understand it because Israel is our ally and we really don’t know anything about the country much.

Margaret Devan (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-06-13

It is the true and sincere believer that reaches out to help others in the real agape.

Rose Morris (USA?)

USA - 2011-05-30 Prayer request

I always listen to your program Brother McCullough. Now I want to ask you for prayer for my friend Olivia.

They have just found out that she is bi-polar and while it explains some of her behavior it also means that she has to take her medicine and stay on it. She is not disciplined and this will not be easy for her. I hope it all works out for her. We must have her in our prayers.

Ambrosio Gomez (USA?)

USA - 2011-05-30 Prayer request

Dear Pastor Raymond,

The situation with all these tornadoes is a bad thing. I pray for these poor people who have lost everything. They showed the scene the other night on TV and it was just destruction for as far as the eye could see.

They need prayer bad.

Jillian Washburn (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-05-23

"In Tha Name" has helped me to concentrate on the important things and less on me and the things that are part of this world. At the top of this list is----and should be----GOD! That’s right where he belongs.

Dora Jo Leverett (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-05-16

Dear Pastor Raymond,

God is the one in charge of my life. I don’t have another boss. If anything conflicts with the way of God, I have to say no because I realize the importance of following the way that God has planned for me.

Hearing the people on your program gives me encouraging examples of lives that are used by and for the Lord. I wish your ministry a lot of success.

You have touched my life and I appreciate it.

Myra Creech (USA?)

USA - 2011-05-16

This [Mostafa Rezvani] was a real story of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of people in this world.

You tell some amazing stories of people and the power of God at work in their lives.

This is special to me.

Cristina Puente (USA?)

USA - 2011-05-16 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am losing weight. It is a little scary because I have lost 25 pounds in the last year without trying. My doctor doesn’t know what’s the matter. I am going to a specialist next week and I am hoping for an answer.

If you don’t mind, would you please put me on your prayer list. I’m Kevin Whisnant and I will really appreciate it.

Kevin Whisnant (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-05-09

I listen 2 u on the radiolicious iPhone app.

Sounds great. A blessing.

Deanne Lucas (USA?) (Sent from my iPhone)

USA - 2011-05-09

Your program tonight [Mostafa Rezvani] was such an interesting tale of the Muslim conversion experience.

I haven’t heard much about this kind of thing. It just doesn’t make much news. You go where others don’t. GREAT!

Donna K. Fowler (USA)

USA - 2011-05-09

I love the Irish music. I can’t find it anywhere on radio in the States except here.


Robert Milton (USA)

USA - 2011-05-09 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

My brother won’t speak to me because of something stupid I said once about politics. I don’t even remember exactly what it was. He just will not get over it and allow our relationship to grow. It is bad on my family because he keeps the kids from being together and they don’t understand.

Please pray that this can be resolved.

Davis Unger (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-05-02 Prayer request

My marriage is breaking, falling apart, and I can’t seem to do anything to solve it. I feel so helpless.

I ask for prayers. Please.

Sara Reed (USA?)

USA - 2011-05-02

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am looking forward to my eternal home. With all the problems in life and in this tormented world today, I am encouraged that eternity awaits. ETERNALLY PRAISING THE LORD!

Mary Pearson (USA)

USA - 2011-05-02

Dear Brother Raymond,

My Sunday is complete when I get to hear your program. The concern for the world and its lost souls I hear in you is such a fine quality.

I hear truth in your speech and I know that you are leading people to the Lord.


Belinda Marks (USA?)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-04-25

It was good to hear again your interview with Mr. Marshall. He has an interesting and most unusual story. The pain of his journey has been a great source of growth for him and this is one of the great stories that we all can learn from.

Thank you for bringing us so many of those great stories in the true Christian spirit.

Jane Holland (USA)

USA - 2011-04-25


Karen Anderson (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-04-18

The In the Name program is one of the most inspiring I have heard on this channel. I listen a lot and I really enjoy these good stories of people who are reaching out and doing extraordinary things for the advancement of the Lord on earth. We need much more of this kind of thing.

Bless you Reverend McCullough.

Jeff Babb (USA)

Jamaica - 2011-04-18

Dear Minister McCullough,

I live in Kingston, Jamaica and I listen to you on Galaxy 25 every week. The channel and your broadcasts mean a lot for my heart and soul.

I pray for you and your ministry family.

Cora Roberts Loren (Kingston, Jamaica)

USA - 2011-04-18 Prayer request

Pain is in my back every day. I don’t know what I did to cause it. I want to request a prayer. God can deliver me from this. He has delivered me from so much else.

Elise Quinn (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-04-11

The Word of the Lord touches people all over the world. Your In The Name program surely indicates that. It is just incredible what God can do in the lives of his children.

Carla Benson (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-04-04

Pastor McCullough,

If only the regular media could have you as a guide, they would do such a better job.

We need to know about these people and stories that you tell. They are a part of the real and GOOD NEWS that life depends on. Knowing the Lord and how he works in our lives is so essential to life today and in eternity with Him.

Praise Jesus and bless your ministry.

Jorge Angel Lucas (USA)

Bahamas - 2011-04-04 Prayer request

You can help me with a prayer. I lost my right leg in an accident about 6 months ago. It has been very slow go. I had to hobble around on crutches for months until the stump healed. Now it is much better, but I am having to learn to walk with a prosthesis. I fall a lot and I have to get used to it because I will need it to get around at work. I have to make a living. Prayer and the power of it can make a difference for me I am convinced.

Lester Reece (Freeport, Bahamas)

USA - 2011-04-04

Your interviews and the newsbits are unique.

It is encouraging that things like this do make it to the radio.

Joan Compton (USA)

USA - 2011-04-04 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am crying as I write this because my daughter has left home with a new boyfriend. I can’t figure how I went wrong with her. I did everything I thought I could to make sure she had a proper upbringing. I pray for her and I hope you can say one for her too.

Olive Ann Williams (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-03-28 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I need to ask you for prayers. I had to have my gallbladder taken out about a month ago. Something just hasn’t been right ever since. The doctor says they think an infection has set in and things aren’t healing right and will have to go back in to straighten this out.

Rachael Collins (USA)

Michigan, USA - 2011-03-28

Bless you Pastor McCullough.

I love your program.

Stella Runyan (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Canada - 2011-03-28

Dear Brother Raymond,

I feel very limited and without ability sometimes and then I hear these people on your show. I realize that they have taken leaps of faith to do the things that they are accomplishing for the Lord. I have to do the same.

Lynn Ann Moore (Canada)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-03-21 Prayer request

Please have prayer for my mother. Her name is Rachael. She has had a stroke and I think she will recover, but it will be slow go. She is having a bad time walking and her speech is a little slurred.

I believe God can and will help her. Blessings,

Ellen Williamson (USA)

USA - 2011-03-21

This is a fine outreach Pastor McCullough. You always have something pertinent to good Christian living from your stories and guests. Aren’t people amazing!

Angel Fonseca (USA)

Back to Top

North Carolina, USA - 2011-03-14

There is so much to learn of our world, the world the Lord created. Your broadcast is always kind of an adventure with interesting people along the way.

I also enjoy the snippets of news that you include, too.

Bless you.

Gayle Samuels (Charlotte, N.C. USA)

USA - 2011-03-14

Dear Pastor McCullough,

This life has limitations and we cannot exceed them without the Lord. We will certainly be living a lot longer in eternity with the Lord that we are here on this lowly planet. The people you profile every week really know this and demonstrate it to the people they work with and reach out to.

I am praying for everyone to learn this secret and to know that the way to eternity is only in the Lord. Now and forever.

Bless you.

Joan Roberts (USA)

USA - 2011-03-14 Prayer request

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I used to work with this guy who was always saying that he was "looking for enlightenment". I would ask him how he was and he would always say he was looking for that enlightenment. After many months of that, one day I gave him a Bible and told him to read it and there he would find his enlightenment.

Jack Fuller (USA)

USA - 2011-03-14 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

I feel so sorry for those poor people living in Lybia. That crazy man Kadafi is murdering people in droves. Can’t something be done to stop him? I am praying for them and I would like for you to too.

Sandra Bolton (USA)

Back to Top

Alabama, USA - 2011-03-07 Prayer request

Rev. McCullough,

I have had to cut out my wine in the afternoon. I had heard that it was a good preventative for heart disease which runs in my family, but I noticed that I had gone from one glass to two and then to three. Well, before you know it, I could become an alcoholic like my father was. I am sure it is an easy thing to do for those without much will power.

Please pray for me that I will stay strong and not weaken my resolve.

Kevin Houston (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

USA - 2011-03-07

Dear Minister Raymond,

Your program is really about faith in action. It is a great tribute to those who really walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Paul Ho (USA)

Mexico - 2011-03-07

Dear Reverend McCulough,

I am embarrassed to say that I have been listening to you a long time, but just now got around to writing. I really like your program and it is a big blessing to me and my family.

Glory be to God.

Bless you,

Jose Corona (Mexico City, Mexico)

Back to Top

USA - 2011-02-28

I want to tell you that I always like the bits of Christian news that you have on your program. This is information that I can’t find anywhere else. You are a sure blessing week after week.

I can’t say that I have heard any program like yours before.

Rog Jamison (USA)

USA - 2011-02-28

Brother Raymond,

God Bless you in the work of His mission.
Great program like you always have.

Nisha Sharma (USA)

USA - 2011-02-28

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I know times are changing, but I just can’t keep up with it all, nor do I want to. It is very frustrating to me to know that such terrible things are going on in the world. All these revolutions and upheaval in the world. I pray that God will bring peace to the world, but what we really need is the return of Jesus Christ.

Val Caldwell (USA)

Back to Top

Puerto Rico - 2011-02-21

Dear Pastor McCullough,

The Lord wants us all to do the kind of thing that you are doing, spreading the word of the Lord in our own special way using the abilities that we have to teach others. You have created a conduit for teaching us all with the stories about what Christians are doing in the world. It is a comfort to know that there are positive stories about God’s word in these troubled times.

Bless you,

Julio Cubenas (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

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USA - 2011-02-14 Prayer request

Mornings are the worst time of day for me. That is the time my husband committed suicide. It was 4 months ago and I can’t get over it. It is frightening to get up in the morning.

I miss him a lot and I pray God will help me. I need his direction. Maybe you can pray for me too.

Susan Diehl (USA)

USA - 2011-02-14

Pastor Raymond,

Your broadcast is still one of the best I know of. I have changed my work schedule for a while and I like this time you are on.

Donnie McMichael (USA)

USA - 2011-02-14

Hearing these great stories that you tell really gives me an increase in my confidence and helps me to know that I can in my own way touch lives for Christ. We all have to do our part to help others. It is expected of us, but I was really lacking in the strength and confidence to do my part for a long time.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Tina Yager (USA)

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Quebec, Canada - 2011-02-07 Prayer request

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I am losing ground in my battle with cancer. The last tests were not good and I have been through so much with the radiation and chemo.

Please say a prayer for me. I think God is the only hope I have.

Jennifer Murphy (Montreal, QC, Canada)

New York, USA - 2011-02-07 Prayer request

I need to request a prayer for my sister who is in hospital with pneumonia.

It is not going well and the anti-biotics are not working for her.

Netta Scott (Rochester, New York, USA)

USA - 2011-02-07

I love Irish music and we just don’t hear enough on radio here. Thanks for bringing us new sounds and new artists that surely deserve attention.

Their talents are deserving recognition.

In Christ,

Mildred Paley (USA)

USA - 2011-02-07

You have one really fine program Pastor McCullough. I have never heard anything else like it and doubt I ever will. Most people are just content with the same old thing and then someone like you comes along and does something really fine. My hat is off to you.

Bless you,

Jody Watson (USA)

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USA - 2011-01-31

I have been listening for a year or more to your quality broadcasts. They are as much educational as they are entertainment. The music you play is unique here in the states and your guests are exceptional examples of what a Christ-driven life should be about. I salute you and all in your ministry. It is a blessing to me.

Porter Remmington (USA)

USA - 2011-01-31 Prayer request

I want to ask for your prayer in regard to the citizens of Egypt and that uprising there. I ask God to be with them in this terrible time for them. I can only hope that the outcome of it all will be better than the circumstances that they have been in. My the Lord by with them every step of the way.

Bless you Brother Raymond.

Amy Dunn (USA)

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USA - 2011-01-24 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I want your prayers for my nephew Phil. He is only 19 and he has left home to be with some woman he met on a vacation to Los Angeles. This woman is 43. This was an impulsive act on his part and I hope he will come to his senses. Please have him in your prayer.

Jeanette Cooper (USA)

USA - 2011-01-24

I am always astounded at what people endure for their faith and for what they believe to be a good thing for their fellow human beings. The "chess club" you talked about in Israel is just such an example. I pray good things for these folks.

Ron Marks (USA)

New Jersey, USA - 2011-01-24

Dear Brother Raymond,

God bless you. Your ministry seems to be one of great caring. I salute you for the interesting program you put on the air. These are special people that you pay tribute to.

Susan Williamson (Elizabeth, NJ, USA)

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USA? - 2011-01-17

I found your ‘In tha Name’ program on an iPhone app called Radiolicious. This is a very good program and it was a blessing from above when I found it. The most interesting program I have found recently.

Jana Jackson (USA?)

USA? - 2011-01-17

I like your new program schedule. You are the last thing I listen to on Sunday and it is always something good to think about.

Bless you Brother Raymond.

Joyce Kirkland (USA?)

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USA - 2011-01-10 Prayer request

I need you to say a prayer for me Brother Raymond. I have been so alone and have isolated myself since my husband Steven died 4 months ago.

The loneliness is overpowering and I get so depressed. I don’t want to leave this house.

I know that is not good.

I need God’s strength and help.

Barb Fulton (USA)

USA? - 2011-01-10

I try to be a missionary in my day to day life. I think that God wants us all to be ‘fishers of men’ as we go about our lives.

I can’t go to China or Haiti or Chile or even Israel, but I can do what I can in my own little world. People like this woman on your program tonight urge me on to work for Christ.

Clara Fulton (Chicago , USA)

P.S. I did not know that you were on at night until tonight.

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New Jersey, USA - 2011-01-02 Prayer request

Minister McCullough,

It has been a difficult week with so much family and friends around and me with the flu. I guess that sounds selfish, but I have been sick for over a week and I am starting to wonder if something else is the matter. I am afraid that it could be serious. Include me in your prayers please.

June Franklin (Caldwell, NJ, USA)

Maryland, USA - 2011-01-02

Dear Brother Raymond,

I am having a quiet New Year’s Day and that means a great day in the Lord.
EVERY day is the day the Lord has made and I wish you great days ahead in 2011.

Louise Hays (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

USA - 2011-01-02

Dear Pastor McCullough,

A lot of the stuff I hear on radio today is just junk----spam on the air.

I want to tell you that I appreciate your program. It is really an interesting program.

Jeff Babb (USA)

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USA - 2010-12-23

Happy Christmas ...

Best Wishes from

Jane and Curt Williams (USA)

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USA - 2010-12-19

Listn u today on my iPhone.

First time. Great show. Hear u again soon.

Bless u.

Carmen Davis (USA)

USA - 2010-12-19

Your guest had a great message today supernatural visitation from the Lord. Some people think that kind of thing does not happen anymore.

She proves them wrong.

Every week it is a treat to hear the folk who appear on your program. This Breadlow lady today is one of my favorite stories.

God still does miracles in our lives.

Juan Josecoro (USA)

USA - 2010-12-19

Dear Reverend McCullough,

There is a crown laid up for every good Christian. I know that we are known by the deeds that we do in this world and I am always interested in how God uses people in this world.

Every week it is a treat to hear the folk who appear on your program. This Breadlow lady today is one of my favorite stories.

The Lord has worked miracles in her life and through her the lives of others.

Polly Johnson (USA)

Michigan, USA - 2010-12-19 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

The time is short and I am gravely concerned about the souls of some of my neighbors in this apartment building. They live like heathens. They drink and party all the time and runs with a bad crowd. This is not what the Lord wants and I fear for them. I pray for them. Can you have them in your prayer.

In the Lord Jesus,

Mary Jo Taylor (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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USA - 2010-12-12

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I used to be full of excuses for not doing God’s work. I finally decided that making excuses is not good for much else. SO, like that man says on tv, ‘excuses be gone’.

I am here for the Lord and to obey him and follow the path that he sets out for me. The people that you have on your broadcast inspire me to push on and do what I can for the Kingdom of the Lord.

Kate Harris (USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-12-12 Prayer request

Brother Raymond..

A homeless man came to our door several weeks ago and I gave him food and some money. He has come back several times. He is always polite and I have given him jobs to do in my yard and making repairs. He is very good and I am trying to show him that he could have his own business doing things like this for people. My husband thinks I am wasting my time, but I think it is better to ‘teach a man to fish’ rather than just keeping on feeding him. Please say a prayer that I am doing the right and Godly thing in this case.

Bless you,

Sue Davis (Augusta, Georgia, USA)

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Georgia, USA - 2010-12-05 Prayer request

Dear Minister McCullough,

I have to ask for prayer for my nephew Henry. He seems to be so lost. His wife left him 7 months ago and since then he doesn’t seem to care about anything.

I know that God can do something for him because I know that God has a plan for each of us. God answers prayer and prayer changes things!

Gwen Freeman (Rome, Georgia, USA)

Chicago, USA - 2010-12-05

Knowing Jesus is the big breakthrough in my life. I can certainly identify with Mostafa because it was by witnessing the miracles that happened in a friend’s life that I came to know Jesus.

We have many influences in our lives, but I am thankful that God became the big influence in my own life.

Brenda Tapley (Chicago, USA)

USA - 2010-12-05

I’m pretty sure I have heard this program before, but it is a good one to have repeated because it is a great example of how God can change a man’s life... even a Muslim.

Bless you Brother Raymond!

Paula Willis (USA)

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USA - 2010-11-28

The conversion to Christianity from the muslim faith was a drastic leap for that man. What a change in his life.

Just goes to show the miracles that God can perform in a person’s life when he is open to the possibilities and opportunities that God offers us. If we only will listen to him.

Your programs always give me strength in the wonders of God’s love. To God be the glory for all that we do in this world.

Bill Watson (USA)

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USA - 2010-11-25

Dear Pastor Raymond,

With Thanksgiving upon us (here in the U.S.), it is a great time to reflect on the many blessings that come from God.

We are all blessed in so many ways. To God be the Glory!

Ray Harris (USA)

USA - 2010-11-21

Dear Brother McCullough,

This man Marshall that you interviewed has been through a lot. He has an amazing story and he tells us a lot about the trials of life. We come through them stronger and with increased knowledge about ourselves and about our Lord and what he does for us.

The journey of this life is full of many ups and downs and the downs certainly help us appreciate the ups.

I always enjoy your program. It is different and we need more people who give us a message to really think about.

Wallace Thompson (USA)

USA - 2010-11-21

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Who was that singing at the beginning of your program today? I think the song was called "Sweet November Morning". The woman had a really great voice.


Jill Jackson Smith (USA)

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San Francisco, USA - 2010-11-14 Prayer request

A Prayer Request for Pastor McCullough:

I have been having intense headaches. They hit of a sudden and then are gone. When I have one, I almost fall down. I have to sit quickly because they are such debilitating. I need to see a doctor because I have not ever had anything like this. I ask you for a prayer.

(San Francisco, USA)

USA - 2010-11-14

Dear Pastor McCullough,

That man’s story of abuse by the church organist was typical of what has happened so often. I hope that he continues to recover well. My brother went through something similar and fortunately, we got him help in counselling.

Donnie McMichael (USA)

Louisiana, USA - 2010-11-14

We got a new sat receiver this past week and I am glad we did it. The old one had gotten staticy. I report that we are receiving you loud and clear once again and as always your program is just great. One of the most interesting programs in what is otherwise kind of a desert of yack.

Alan Gregory (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA)

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USA - 2010-11-07 Prayer request

Pastor McCullough:

I was at my sister’s house the other day and she is having a terrible time getting around. She had a knee replacement about a month ago and something just isn’t right about it. She has pain in the leg and just can’t walk. I think they made some kind of mistake in the surgery. She needs some prayer from all of us.

Faye Gregory (USA)

USA - 2010-11-07

Was glad to hear you mention your website today. I’m going to check it out.

You do great work, Brother Raymond.

Cora Phillips (USA)

Canada - 2010-11-07

Your interview with Dr. Martin was outstanding. Her work in the slums of India is so admirable. It is easy for so many people to talk the Christian talk, but walking the Christian walk is another thing all together.

We need more people like Dr. Martin in the world. If people can put their pettiness aside and get down to helping others the world would be a much better place.

Blessings in your ministry.

Michael Putney (Canada)

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USA - 2010-10-31

Your country’s government should pay tribute to you for the way you promote good Irish music. It always sets my toes tapping. I must be Irish. I’ve noticed the influence of your music everywhere. I particularly liked the ‘Fairwell Frankie’ song that you played today.

Your program is something I look forward to every week and you always have a good and varied program.

?? (USA)

USA - 2010-10-31 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

My name is Carter Banks and I am writing to request a prayer for my sister Paula. She has to have an MRI next week because of some problems she has been having with her memory and with terrible headaches. We are praying for the best and afraid for the worst. God has the total healing ability and He alone can make everything right.

Carter Banks (USA)

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USA - 2010-10-24 Prayer request

I have to find a new job Brother Raymond. The handwriting is on the wall. I am in the next bunch of guys to be fired. They keep cutting and cutting.

How are they going to keep the company going? I have no idea. What I do know is that I have to think ahead and be prepared. I have been looking and I have a few interviews set up.

It is a crazy world out there and I have to keep going no matter what the devil puts in front of me.

Thom Davis (USA)

Massachussetts, USA - 2010-10-24 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I have a good friend who is moving here from Costa Rica. It is a very different way of life here compared to what she is used to. They have a very laid-back way of life there and I hope that she can adapt. She is 53 and will have to find a job to survive. She will have to learn English and overcome all the obstacles that are involved in settling in a new country. I will do all I can to help her, but it seems pretty difficult to me. I pray for her and hope that you can too.

Karen George (Boston, MA, USA)

USA - 2010-10-24

Don’t people have the most amazing lives. There is an American news commentator who says something like ‘how extraordinary the ordinary person is’.

I agree with him. You show every week how God uses ordinary people in his work on this earth. Their stories are terrific.

I want to thank you for allowing them to be told. It is great inspiration for us all.

Robert Gaines (USA)

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USA - 2010-10-17

I can really appreciate the comments that woman made about abortion this morning. I appreciate what women in these kinds of crises go through, but I know that I could never take a life. No way. No how.

God gave life and only God should take it. It is God’s sacred gift.

I am glad you give such good and interesting interviews for your listeners. It is always a great experience to listen to you guys.

Jon Geiger (USA)

Mississippi, USA - 2010-10-17

Always an interesting show. I never miss your ‘In tha Name’ broadcasts. A far superior program than anything else on air.

Adam Pedersen (Jackson, Mississippi, USA)

USA - 2010-10-17 Prayer request

Brother McCullough,

Our little boy wakes up in the night almost every night screaming in fear. This pattern started recently and we don’t know why. We thought he was having a happy childhood, but I think maybe some specific event has triggered this nightmare. Maybe therapy will help?

If you can have us in your prayers we will certainly be appreciative. It pains us to see our child being tormented.

Patti and Mike Stewart (USA)

USA - 2010-10-17 Prayer request

A prayer request for Pastor McCullough:

My father has been very down lately. He has been a happy and healthy man most of his life. Now he is starting to have things bother him health-wise. His arthritis is causing him a lot of pain. He has medicine and maybe it is helping some, but I think that he is realizing that he is not invincible and mortal.

It is tough for anybody I suppose. I love him so much and it is painful to see him grow old. He has always been my big strong Daddy. I pray for him to have peace of mind and not to worry as life takes its natural course.

Sarah Crawford (USA)

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USA - 2010-10-11 Prayer request

Dear Minister McCullough,

It has been a year since my wife died and it has been a very lonely time. Friends are always trying to get me busy, but my heart just isn’t in it. And I certainly am not interested in meeting anyone.

They just don’t understand me. I know they mean well, but I’m not ready for that. I miss Jackie so much. We were together for 27 years. I know also that she is in heaven and at peace with everything. I have to get on with my life and remember the good that we had. Pray for me please.

Jason Keller (USA)

USA - 2010-10-11

I love the profiles of fine Christians that you do every week. I find them incredible. I too want to do the will of God because I know that in His work I will truly soar and be victorious over the problems of this world.

Cathy Johnson (USA)

North Carolina, USA - 2010-10-11 Prayer request

Pastor Raymond,

We got some bad news last week. My mother has been having memory trouble and now the doctor says she has alzheimers. She understands the diagnosis and I have to tell you that it is frightening for her and for the family too. We all pray that God will help her. Put her on your prayer list please. Her name is Barbara Young.

Thank you,

Jane Fincher (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

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USA - 2010-10-03

I discovered Irish music a long time ago and it is a source of much pleasure. Your broadcast points out just how pervasive your music is. I’ve heard you play the work of musicians from Canada, Australia, the U.S. and so many oher places.

Bless you and your ministry,

Pamela Graham (USA)

New York City, USA - 2010-10-03

Dear Brother McCullough,

I am so encouraged by all the fine ministries that you tell about in your program. I’m not talking about these big operations that we hear about on American TV, but I mean individual people who decide with God's help that they want to make a difference and they set out with confidence to do it. I heard a guy say once that "it is extraordinary how extraordinary the average person is". Thank you for telling us about and giving some recognition to these extraordinary people.

Conner Richards (New York City, USA)

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USA - 2010-09-19

That chess club story was great. I am always interested in the things that bring people together--often things that you would not expect can work together for the kingdom of the Lord.

That man Ed’s promise to God didn’t happen immediately, but the Lord was working in him and when the time was right and the place was right he came through for God.

It is all a matter of God’s timing. He knows the schedule not us.

Roger Denham (USA)

USA - 2010-09-19

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I liked that song that started your program today. I think is was named ‘Desert Song’. Is that right? Can you tell me who did it? I think you said the group is from Israel. Very good music. I would like to hear more of them.

Jane Andrews (USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-09-19 Prayer request

Here is my prayer request Brother Raymond. My cousin Silvia called on Friday to say that she was leaving her husband. It was a real shocker. They had always seemed to be such a happy couple. She said that she has fallen in love with a man from her work. This is really hard to believe. I think she needs to really think about this and I am praying that she will come to her senses.

Tammy Parker (Savannah,Georgia, USA)

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Florida, USA - 2010-09-18 (by surface mail)

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Your program is one of the most interesting we get on the UCR station. I have always loved Irish music and you seem to be quite an expert. You also have a wide variety of guests who have so much to teach us all about the things we that we should all be trying to do in the world.

Bless you in your work.

Elaine R. Lawson (Key West, Florida, USA)

Massachussetts, USA - 2010-09-12 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

My husband had a mild stroke a few months ago. Overall, his recovery is going well. However, his memory is just not right and I am worried about that. If you will please say a prayer for him.

Kara Willis (Boston, MA, USA)

Canada - 2010-09-12

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am so awed by the power of God and what he has done in the lives of the people you keep telling us about. He is at work in all of our lives and can really unleash that strength within us to do the work of his intent.

I pray that God's will be done. NOT mine. I have committed life into God's hands and I will do my best to do his wishes. Thanks for the inspiration of your work.

Celine Lebel (Canada)

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USA - 2010-09-05

I was glad to hear the music of Northern Exposure (I think that's what they're called) on your program this morning. When I was a child, my Uncle played Irish music in his home and I always liked it. It is nice that you feature these groups on your show.

Mary Wills (USA)

Australia - 2010-09-05

That priest from Palestine is a great example of what God can do as he works through individuals. You described him as a major force for peace in Israel. It brings me such comfort to know that some people are capable of taking a step back from the things that have happened to them and make good things happen for other people. This man is one of those who is able to see the big picture.

In Christ,

Marla Wilbanks (Australia)

New York, USA - 2010-09-05 Prayer request

Prayer changes things, Brother Raymond. It has in my life and I know it can for others. I know this homeless couple that I see as I go for my bike ride every afternoon. Sometimes I stop and talk with them and other times I invite them to have coffee and a snack with me at a nearby coffee shop.

They have had a real bad run of luck. Job losses, bad health and it just knocked the props out from under them. I know that they can recover. I am trying to get them to come to Church with me.

I am also trying to get services for them because they are so in need. I know God can help them get their lives back on track. I will appreciate it if you can have them on your prayer list.

Jan Bishop (White Plains, New York, USA)

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Arizona, USA - 2010-08-29 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

It would be greatly appreciated if you could pray for John Graham. He is my neighbor and he has bone cancer. The pain he endures is beyond anything that the drugs we have today can make tolerable. There are times when he just screams out.

He has taken all the treatment that is available in today’s medicine and he has not responded to it. His only hope is in the Lord’s healing hands.

Tom Vaughn (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

USA - 2010-08-29

India is a fascinating place. So many people, so much poverty and so much potential. I have a friend who goes there on business all the time and the stories he tells about the people in the streets and the people he meets in his work are incredible. Things can be difficult at times for all of us, but until you visit a place like that, you just don’t know what trials are really all about. It is good to know that even in a place like that, God is at work through his church and his missionaries.

Maria Kelly (USA)

USA - 2010-08-29

With so much bad stuff going on in the world (at least that’s what the media tell us), it is comforting to know that there are real people out there who are guided by the Lord to do some good.

It really is individuals that make a difference in the world, not governments or corporations and it blesses my heart that you tell people about some of those people.

I know they appreciate the light that you shine on their work for the Lord and for their fellow human beings. It is needed a lot.

Collin Briggs (USA)

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USA - 2010-08-22

It has been a great weekend in our home. My brother and his family have been with us. As we were getting our day started I had your broadcast on. My brother really loves a big variety of music and he was really impressed with what you were playing. He made a note of the channel and said he had some friends who should know about you too. We all enjoyed your program together and it brought me joy to be sharing with my family.

In Jesus,

Jody Watson (USA)

USA - 2010-08-21 Prayer request

Brother Raymond

I am going to ask for a prayer if you don’t mind. My son has moved to Chicago. It is his first real job since he graduated from college last spring. He is a good boy, but the big city has many bad influences. He had a good Christian upbringing, but he is a little ‘unsuspecting’ of the evil in this world. I pray for God’s guiding hand on him and protection against the works of the devil in his new place.

Barbara Peters (USA)

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USA - 2010-08-16

Great to hear about your neighbor’s work for the children. This is a great story about how God is working through the lives of his people. It is faith in action and that is the very best of what we humans are capable of.

I loved that song, Jesus Beautiful Savior, that you played. Always some good music from your broadcast. We really get a blessing in your program.

In Jesus,

Jolanta Margolis (USA)

Back to Top

USA - 2010-07-03

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I want to thank you for telling the story of Mr. Marshall. This is a unique thing to hear on Christian Radio in the states. Your interview with him and your presentation was handled with compassion that is rarely heard particularly on American Christian radio.

It is so easy to condemn and for some very difficult to show compassion and understanding. You always have an interesting and educational broadcast.

In Christ Lord Jesus,

Rebecca Robinson (USA)

Massachussetts, USA - 2010-07-03

That was some toe-tapping music that you started the broadcast with today. I am a big fan of Irish music and although most Americans don’t realize it, a lot of American music had its roots in Ireland. It really does me good to hear your music every Saturday. It is also interesting to me that although the music, to me, has a very Irish feel much of what you play comes from other countries. I guess there is Irish music everywhere.

Bless you,

Gerald Wallace (Boston, MA, USA)

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USA - 2010-06-26 Prayer request

I was talking with my friend Catherine the other day and she was telling me about her sister who has an eating disorder. She eats huge meals and then goes in the bathroom and throws up. This sounds terribly crazy.

She says she can’t help it. She has conditioned herself to do this everyday. It is like a mental defect. The poor girl has lost so much weight and they are all scared about her health.

There are just so many things to mess people up these days. I hope you can include her in your prayers. Her name is Alice. Thank you Pastor McCullough.

Patti Harris (USA)

New York, USA - 2010-06-26

There is so much good music in this world Brother Raymond and in the US we hear only a little of it. Thank you for sharing so much of what we have been missing here. It is truly wonderful to hear something of your kind of music.

Jane Ergen (Ithaca, NY, USA)

USA - 2010-06-26

We need more ministries on radio like yours and a lot less of the shouting type, Reverend McCullough. Real evidence of the Lord’s work in the world on your broadcast is what draws me into it.

I really enjoy the stories of the people whose lives have been touched by the Lord and who are doing his work to make the lives of others better,

To God be the Glory!!!!!

John Winston (USA)

Chicago, USA - 2010-06-26 Prayer request

I need prayer Brother McCullough. The pressure at my work is really tough. Like so many corporations, they have cut corners everywhere they can and we are all doing the work that used to be done by two or three other people. As the economy improves, I don’t see the company hiring any more people.

It is all starting to take its toll on my health and my temperament when dealing with things at home. My blood bressure s through the roof and I worry that I am being too irritable with my children and husband. Please include me in your prayers.

Juanita Keller (Chicago, IL, USA)

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California, USA - 2010-06-19

Dr. Martin’s story of her work in the slums is just terrific. This is a fine example of the great difference Christians can make in the world. We are very much needed to help people and be productive for the Lord. I have a friend who has done some work in India and his stories of the terrible slums there stick in my mind. I know Dr. Martin has some great difficulties to overcome.

Randy Gould (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Ontario, Canada - 2010-06-19

Dear Brother McCullough,

Irish music from Georgia --- in the United States? Who would have thought it? You have the best program on this channel. It is always interesting and informative.

My wife and I really enjoy the variety of music you play and your coverage of people around the globe who are doing God’s work is simply outstanding.

Praise Jesus!

Paul Ellis (Toronto, Canada)

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USA - 2010-06-12 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

May I ask for a prayer? My cousin Caroline has gotten herself into a real pickle. She has 4 children already and she is now expecting her 5th. Well, the husband has always been a problem. He has left her several times before and always come back, but now he has been gone for three months with no communication and no support for the children and, believe me, that can really add up. In her condition, Caroline can’t work and she is approaching desperation. My real worry is that this stressful situation could affect the health of the baby. I pray that God will reveal a solution to this difficult situation for her.

Joan Roberts (USA)

Ontario, Canada - 2010-06-12

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I have enjoyed your broadcasts for many months now and I thought I should write and tell you so. I love your accent and the wonderful music. Variety does not exist in the United States. Most of what we hear on radio (of any channel) is so homogenized and formulaic that it has lost all but it’s least-common-denominator characteristics.

Your work stands far and above all the junk that we are subjected to here. Thank goodness there are people like you who stand for quality.

Bless you,

Wanda James (Toronto, Canada)

USA - 2010-06-12

When I listen to these incredible people you have on your broadcast, Brother McCullough, I am reminded of the importance of deeds in the Christian walk. I have heard it said that faith without deeds is not of much value.

Like your guests, I want to do right things because HE loves me, not to earn HIS love. I know that I receive salvation as a gift without deeds, but deeds are a reflection of how Christ is working through us.

I cannot adequately express how much I enjoy your program. The music and the many topics you cover are energizing in my Christian life.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

Jane Crawley/Montgomery (USA)

USA - 2010-06-12 Prayer request

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I ask for prayers for a friend at work Harriett Wells. Her home burned to the ground a week ago and they lost everything. It is a matter of starting over again. Friends and I are doing what we can to help, but they need so much. We pray for them to get through this OK.

Bless you,

Alice Pool (USA)

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Louisiana, USA - 2010-06-05

Some of my ancestors were Irish and although I have never been to your country, I get a little taste of Ireland in your broadcasts. Not always in content, but definitely in flavor. A great experience in hearing a work different from what we are accustomed to here.

Bill Watson (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

USA - 2010-06-05 Prayer request

Pastor McCullough,

Please put my neighbor Wilfredo on your prayer list. He has just had his knee replaced. He was in a lot of pain before the surgery and he will have a long recovery and a lot of exercise to do before he gets back to some kind of a normal life.

He was always active before this all came on, and I know that with the Lord’s help he can return to his old way of life.

Pauline Sanders (USA)

US Virgin Islands - 2010-06-05 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

My prayers have been answered so many times. However, now I need an answer like never before. My dear mother has just been diagnosed with cardio myopathy. It is a serious weakening of the heart. She is not that old and we were sure she was going to have a wonderful retirement with my father. Now, all of that is on hold and in question. I have no idea what kind of treatment they will have to give her. If you don’t mind, I hope you can include her on your prayer list.

James Miller (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Georgia, USA - 2010-06-05

Dear Pastor Raymond,

The news is always bad and terribly dramatic in the US. That’s why I really delight when I find something on the air that is positive and uplifting.

I’ve been listening to you for a long time now and you always have a fine program about terribly interesting people who really love the Lord. These are special children of God and we all need to hear about these fine people.

Teaching through example is very effective and your program not only teaches but it entertains at the same time.

Bless you,

K. Johnson (Hinesville, Georgia, USA)

Missouri, USA - 2010-06-05

Just found you on the Glorystar and was really amazed with your program and it’s unique approach to spreading the word of the Lord. The music was great and I will look for you again.

George Young (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

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Alaska, USA - 2010-05-29

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I just keep listening to your broadcast. It is interesting, entertaining and full of good stories about fascinating people who are going about the Lord's work. It was amazing that the man you talked with today started preaching so young and that he had that real awakening to God's will for him.

I was thrilled to know about his true experience with God and how it changed his life. God does wonders in so many lives and it is great to hear about them.

Praise the Lord Jesus,

Wanda Taylor (Homer, Alaska, USA)

USA - 2010-05-29 Prayer request

Can you say a prayer for me Brother Raymond? I have just returned from a funeral for my cousin and his wife who were killed in a car wreck. What a terrible thing. We used to all spend summers together as children and had such great shared memories. I feel such loss and I miss them a lot. I pray for their family and friends and my comfort is that they are now with the Savior in heaven.

Peg Fulton (USA)

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USA - 2010-05-22 Prayer request

Dear Minister McCullough,

My friend Carlton is a great person. He has a wonderful family and is liked by practically everyone in our community. However, I recently discovered that he has a secret life and I hope that I have completely mis-read what I have been seeing. Almost everyday at lunch, I have noticed his car pull into his driveway and go around to the back of the house. He and a woman I have never seen before get out and go into his house. About 45 minutes later they come back out and leave the house. This is very disturbing and I have to wonder what’s going on while his wife is at work. I pray that I misunderstand this and that nothing is amiss. Please include Carlton on your prayer list.

Barbara Gardner (USA)

Kansas, USA - 2010-05-22

The abortion programs have been very interesting. This is something that everyone should hear. I think education is so important in helping people to understand what abortion is and what it does. This woman has a powerful testimony and I salute her for speaking out and telling of her life experience.

Joanna Smithfield (Dodge City, Kansas, USA)

USA - 2010-05-22

Dear Reverend McCullough,

I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate and enjoy the fine music you present through your broadcasts. I have always loved Irish music and I really appreciate it when you feature some of your artists. This is just great and there is nowhere else in America where we can find a program like this.

Many thanks to you,

Jimmy Wilkins (USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-05-22

I am so glad, Brother McCullough, that God continues to work in my life. My obedience to God is my strength and my refuge. He is always there and surrounding me with his love and encouragement even in the challenges of life.

It thrills me to learn of the interesting people that you talk with on the broadcast and the really special thing is that many of them are just ordinary people who heard an extra-ordinary calling.

Just goes to show that God can use any of us in very special ways.

Praise Jesus Lord!

Sue (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

USA - 2010-05-22 Prayer request

It has been a difficult last few days for my family. We discovered that my mother has cancer and it seems to be in an advanced stage.

This is such a frightening thing for her and for all of us as well. I ask for your prayers that God will bring her through this OK.

Paul Timmons (USA)

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Missouri, USA - 2010-05-15

Your broadcast about abortion today was very good. It is always a hot-button issue for politicians here in this country. They talk about it a lot, but do nothing about it. It is great to stir people up.

However, I have always considered this a moral issue and not a political or issue for lawmakers. Time and time again, I have seen that trying to legislate moral issues does not work. It didn't work with alcohol, doesn't work with pot, and would not work with abortion.

What does work is good Christian and moral upbringing. I wouldn't think of having an abortion because I was taught that it is wrong and I have respect for life. Parents have to do a better job in the moral education of their children and in this country, parents are abdicating much of their responsibilities these day leaving it up to the TV and the over-loaded education system.

In Christ the Lord Jesus,

Laura Williams (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

USA - 2010-05-15 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

A former professor of mine will celebrate his 95th Birthday nest week. I am happy for his long life and the wonderful things that he has done for others. However, he is an admitted agnostic and, while I love and admire this man, his lack of faith really bothers me. One more time, I am going to talk with him in the coming days and do what I can to help him really know the Lord. I want him to dedicate his life to Jesus before it is too late. His name is Herman Williams and I hope you can say a prayer for him and for my efforts to save him.

Catherine Fuller (USA)

New Mexico, USA - 2010-05-15

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I love your program. Most of the Christian programs here in the U.S. is about screaming and shouting and hell fire and when you really listen, there is really very little content.

I have had enough of the shouting and I really appreciate your kind of program. It would be great if this started a trend.

Evelyn Hough (Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA)

US Virgin Islands - 2010-05-15

Just wanted to tell you Brother Raymond, that your broadcasts give me courage in my Christian journey. I hear what these other people are doing and all they have gone through to get where they are and I am urged on by their examples. Your program is such a great idea and an inspiration to all. I keep on listening!

Kate Milligan (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

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Ohio, USA - 2010-05-08 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Can you pray for my sister Rachael? She has had a rough time with her wayward husband. With Charlie, it has been one affair after another and it has been so upsetting and embarrassing for the whole family, because he has not been discrete at all. It is almost as if he set out to purposefully hurt everyone. Ann has tried so long to try and save her marriage, but I think, and she agrees, that maybe now she needs to move on. We are praying for God’s guidance and for the best to work out.

Karen Jackson (Dayton, Ohio, USA)

Boston, USA - 2010-05-08

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I continue listening to you every Saturday and your broadcast always leaves me feeling better about the world we live in (no small achievement). There is so much bad news on radio and TV everyday, I take comfort in the people you feature in your interviews and the great things that they are doing for God’s kingdom.

Having such an interesting program to listen to is a real blessing and you manage to teach and inform without any screaming. Very nice!

Mary Wisner (Boston, USA)

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USA - 2010-05-02 Prayer request

My cousin Fred has COPD. It is some kind of breathing and lung disorder that makes it difficult for him to get his breath and he just has no energy to do anything. This is so distressing because he is not an old man. He is only 68 and he now moves like a very old man. There doesn’t appear much that doctors can do. I pray that God can do for him. Please include him in your prayers, Reverend McCullough.

Lynn Davis (USA)

USA - 2010-05-01

Dear Pastor McCullough,

You are definitely blazing a new trail for Christian radio and it is a trail that’s much needed and long over-due. My hat is off to you.

I have long enjoyed good radio programs, but yours is an animal that I have not encountered before. Your mix of news and music and interviews is not a common occurrence on the "hell-fire-and-brimstone" turf of Christian radio.

We welcome the breath of fresh air that you have brought into our home.

Paul and Brenda Iarussi (USA)

USA - 2010-05-01 Prayer request

I hope that is it O.K. to do this, because I want to remind you and some of the others I listen to that May 6th is the National Day of Prayer. We ALL need it and we must also pray for all of those who lead our country. Times have been difficult and there are some things that only God can handle.

Thanks for your time.

Hazel Tripp (USA)

USA - 2010-05-01

You must travel a great deal Brother McCullough. All these people you interview have done some incredible things and their lives are a great example to us all. I believe that "faith without works" is not much at all. Your broadcast is uplifting and so very encouraging for anyone who wants to live for and work for the Lord.

Linda Haroldson (USA)

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USA - 2010-04-24

I am a new listener Pastor McCullough, but I am enthusiastic about what I am hearing. Your music is outstanding and the guests are always interesting and I really like the little news stories that you do. Bless you in your work for Christ! The Lord needs all the faithful workers he can get!

Gail Jolly (USA)

Iowa, USA - 2010-04-24

I don’t know how it is in Europe, but your program is unique here in the states. We seriously lack any variety and Christian programs here are obsessed with screaming and shouting "hell-fire-brimstone" kinds of preaching.

Your work is a real blessing and it gives us a good experience of what’s happening in the rest of the world. We appreciate you so.

Jon Geiger (Davenport, Iowa, USA)

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Washington, DC, USA - 2010-04-17

Where do you find these wonderful musicians Pastor McCullough? I have looked for cds by some of them, but I do not find them in our local music shops. You give us a variety that we cannot find here in the United States. It is always great to hear you and you are light years ahead for most Christian programming on radio today.

Bless you,

Jillian Maxwell (Washington, DC, USA)

Alabama, USA - 2010-04-17 Prayer request

I am sick Reverend McCullough. I am having terrible stomach pains on a regular basis. I don’t know what it is and I need to go see a doctor, but I am scared fearing the worst. If you can, please say a little prayer for my courage and for a healing doctor.

Bless you,

Gil Hunter (Huntsville, USA)

Illinois, USA - 2010-04-17

Dear Brother McCullough,

To hear how the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of these people that you interview is a wonderful and miraculous thing.

We just never know how or when the Lord may give us a new direction in life and what a great adventure he gives us when we are willing and open to follow the path that he has chosen for us.

Dottie Simpson (Milwaukee, Illinois, USA)

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Mississippi, USA - 2010-04-10

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I really liked the music you started today’s program with. A really interesting sound. I think you said the group is from Tennessee, but I could have sworn it was an Irish group. I guess I have an untrained ear, but at least I know what I like. You always have some interesting selections on your broadcast. Praise Jesus.

Ralph Jackson (Biloxi, Mississippi, USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-04-10 Prayer request

Dear Brother McCullough,

I am hoping that you can include my niece Beth in your prayers. She is a university student and is studying real hard. Wants to be a doctor. We are so proud of her and her school honors.

However, we are also concerned about her life in the big city (New York). We have never been there, but we know it is a dangerous place. She grew up here in Athens, Georgia and now to be faced with all these strange and new experiences can be very scary.

May the Lord watch over and protect her from the sins of this world.

George Bloom (Athens, Georgia, USA)

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Havana, Cuba - 2010-04-08 - via surface mail

Your broadcast on the UCR is such a blessing. We really enjoy what you are teaching and wish you much success in your work!

Praise Jesus,

René Miguel (Havana, Cuba)

San Diego, CA, USA - 2010-04-03 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I hope you can pray for me. I am starting school to become a medical technician. It scares me a little because it’s been a long time since I was in school and this is a big opportunity for me and my kids. I ask God for courage and determination in this new adventure.

Many Blessings!

Barbara Jane Miller (San Diego, CA, USA)

Canada - 2010-04-03

Dear Brother McCullough,

I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter holiday with family and friends. I know that for all of us the best really is yet to come.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ validates all his other promises.

Best wishes to you and your family during this special time,

Lynn Ann Moore (Canada)

Los Angles, USA - 2010-04-03

I have never been to Ireland, but your wonderful accent sets my imagination ablaze. It also reminds me that no matter where we go, we are always at home with other Christians as we are all part of the body of Christ.

In the name of our eternal Savior,

Randy Gould (Los Angles, California, USA)

USA - 2010-04-03


- Jesus Christ -

Best Easter Wishes,

Paula Kendall (USA)

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Canada - 2010-03-27

As you interview these interesting people from all over the world, it occurs to me that we all have this one objective in mind. We just want to share God’s good news with others in the hope that they will all have Salvation through the knowledge that Jesus Christ died for our sins. All of us in our own small way want to do this and your program features some of the people who have chosen some fascinating ways to do it.

Praise Jesus,

Pamela Shaw (Canada)

New Jersey, USA - 2010-03-27 Prayer request

I am praying for Sara, my friend at work and I hope you will include her in prayers too. She got home from the office Thursday to find a note from her husband announcing that he was leaving her.

She says she had no indication that anything was wrong and is terribly depressed about this. She was completely blind-sided by this and feels that she did something wrong that she did not know about.

She needs God’s hand in the days to come. Thank you Pastor McCullough.

Julia Rutherford (Elizabeth, NJ, USA)

USA - 2010-03-27

Dear Brother McCullough,

Today, I found your broadcast on this channel and I was thrilled to hear some variety of music and really interesting talk. Way above the mundane yack that is on radio most these days.

Thank you.

Julian Harris (USA)

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Georgia, USA - 2010-03-13 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

It is a time of sadness in our home as my mother passed away last week. She was a fine Christian woman and in her last days, when she was so ill and hardly ever got out of bed, we always listened to radio together and she particularly enjoyed the lively music on your program. I know that she is now with her Heavenly Father and that is my consolation for losing her.

Pray that the family will be able to carry on and know that she is now, finally, OK.

In Christ the Lord,

Betty Jane Ramsey (Atlanta, USA)

New Hampshire, USA - 2010-03-13

Just a little note to say thanks for the info you sent me a while ago about your ministry. WOW you are a busy man Brother Raymond.

I always enjoy your program. The variety of music and the interesting people make it one of my favorites.

Bless you,

Jerry Chaffino (Concord, NH, USA)

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USA - 2010-03-07

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I find such energy and hope through your broadcasts. I exercise my faith so that like a muscle of the body, it will grow. Even in my trials if have been able to grow in my confidence that God will see me through it. I have always felt that the greater your cares, the more genuine your prayers. At the worst times, God’s help is near and always available.

I just have to seek it and ask for it.

Lisa Osborn (USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-03-06

That was a nice story about Peter Hewitt and his efforts with Youth For Christ. I have great respect for people who make such an effort to help children.

It sounds trite, but the children are our future and so few today have the opportunities that they need and many have no suitable role models to help and guide them into a productive future.

I will pray for Mr. Hewitt in his work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your radio friend,

Sue (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Santa Monica, CA, USA - 2010-03-06

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am a big fan of your broadcasts and the wonderful people you tell us about. I am absolutely fascinated with the stories that you get them to tell on the program. They all seem to be doing exciting things for the Lord. I have noticed that not all of them actually set out to do the things that they ended up doing as their missions. I guess that is true for so many of us. We start out in one direction, but the Lord has a different idea and who can argue with God. His plan is always best.

Yasmine Cordero (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

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San Francisco, CA, USA - 2010-02-27 Prayer request

Dear Brother Raymond,

My daughter has decided to go live in Costa Rica. She is only 21. She has been studying Spanish in college here and she says the only real way for her to perfect her language skills is to go study in a Spanish-speaking country. I understand this in theory, but the reality is that she is still very young and she is going to be far away and without friends and family with her. We are worried and are praying a lot about this.

Her name is Rebecca and if you can include her in your prayers, I would appreciate it a lot.

Martha Denton (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Missouri, USA - 2010-02-27

I believe I have heard part of this program before, but not the whole thing and I really regretted tuning in late. Today I got you from start to finish and your feature on Ms. Bredlow.

Her information about miracles was great. She is a fine speaker and she is so down to earth and direct it makes her really good at telling her testimony.

In Christ Jesus,

Laura Williams (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

USA - 2010-02-27

Dear Minister McCullough,

I was fascinated to hear that lady tell her stories about supernatural visitations of Jesus. My neighbor got me listening to your broadcast several weeks ago and you have one of the most interesting programs I have ever run across. It is my wish and my prayer that you will continue to have great success with your ministry.

PS. I also really liked that song called The Music of Healing I believe. Really nice.

Julia Porter (USA)

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USA - 2010-02-21 Prayer request

My sister is in the hospital for tests this week. She has gotten very weak and had to be taken to the hospital in a wheelchair and ambulance. She has always been very strong and fit and to see her like this is saddening. I am praying for a good outcome although it looks pretty bad at this point.

Please put Martha Ann on your prayer list Minister McCullough.

Kay Thomason (USA)

New York City, USA - 2010-02-21

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I have wanted to tell you that the news bits you do are really very good. You seem to have sources that we don’t have in the US.

I was particularly interested in the story about the dating of the Bible and the new research that has happened with that. Also the singer Maria Forde that you featured was quite good. I had not heard of her before. I believe you said she is from Australia.

Your program is a blessing to me.

Porter Remmington (New York City, USA)

San Diego, USA - 2010-02-21

It was good to hear more of your talk with the pilot this week. I was interested in how he came to go to Rwanda. I like how he said that it was a divine appointment. I have also received some suspicious spam from that part of the world, but it was obvious that God really wanted this man’s mission to happen.

When the Lord really wants it to happen it always does. What a blessing for that ministry.

In Christ,

Bonnie Helms (San Diego, CA, USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-02-21 Prayer request

My nephew is getting into trouble Brother McCullough and he needs prayer. He has gotten under the influence of a bad bunch of boys a mile of so from here and we are very worried. I suspect he is getting drugs from them and he has withdrawn from his parents and from me and we were always very close. I am doing what I can to get through to him. I am praying to God for his help and I hope that you can include him (his name is Felton) in your prayers.

Julie Ann Marks (Macon, Georgia, USA)

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USA - 2010-02-14 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

Benjamin Franklin said it. "Spare the rod and spoil the child". My neighbors are neglecting their children and it is causing problems for all of the neighbors. There is growing vandalism and there is graffiti all over the place. We all know which children are responsible and we want it stopped. Several of us have talked with the parents, but so far nothing has happened. We are praying that God will guide us. Please include us in your prayers.

Doris Chambers (USA)

Hawaii, USA - 2010-02-13

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I have to agree with that woman who reported on the "spanking" study. I was spanked a grand total of about three times as a child. My parents were very kind and loving people and every time I was spanked, I deserved it and I learned not to make the offense again.

We could use a little more of it in the world. By the way, I did not grow up to be a violent person.

You have a great show.

Leanne Payne (Hawaii, USA)

USA - 2010-02-13

Dear Brother Raymond,

I have never heard a program anywhere quite like yours. It is truly refreshing. The wide variety of music you play is most unusual here. Thanks for the interview with the pilot. I was very interested in his efforts to reach Canada's "first nation" peoples. Definitely a unique mission.

Jo Ellen Padgett (USA)

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US Virgin Islands - 2010-02-06

Lemon Grass. I made a note of that and I am going to pass it on to my neighbor Marie whose sister June is recovering from cancer.

That was a very good news story and one that could help so many people. We all need to know things like that.

Pam Rawlins (Christiansted, US Virgin Islands)

Tennessee, USA - 2010-02-06 Prayer request

Dear Reverend McCullough,

My name is James Dawson and I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I have been out of work for about 7 months. I have an opportunity for a good job and I am going to interview for it next week.

It would mean good money and so many things for my family. I ask God to help me have a chance if it is his will. If you can put me on your prayer list, I will be most appreciative.

James Dawson (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-02-06

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I am amazed at what God has given us to spread his precious word. I listen to you every week and it gives me pleasure to hear your wonderful accent and know that you are doing your work there in Northern Ireland and the technology of this day brings your exciting program to me here. I enjoyed the "Desert Call" song you played today and I am always fascinated to learn of the journeys people like Mr. Beckford take in their Christian lives. Very interesting. Thank you.

Frances Walton (Macon, Georgia, USA)

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USA - 2010-01-30

Your music is interesting, unusual and delightful. You bring something different to the ear of this listener and I really appreciate it. In the US, we are in quite a rut and rarely treat ourselves to anything outside the mainstream of American radio fare.

Your interview with the man who ministers in Indonesia was fascinating. If you can, see if you can get your interviewees to be a little closer to the microphone. Sometimes it seems as if they are across the room. Other than that I have no complaints. Your content is far and above everything else on the radio today.

Thank you Pastor McCullough.

Jeff Babb (USA)

Washington, DC, USA - 2010-01-30 Prayer request

Brother McCullough,

I have wondered if you accept prayer requests. I hope that is the case because I am requesting prayer for my friend Beverly. She is a dear person, but she has a terrible weight problem (335 pounds at last check-up). Her doctor has told her that she has to take serious steps to get rid of the excess weight. She is considering her options including that new stomach band surgery. It sounds a bit scary to me.

However, I pray that the Lord will help her to make the right decision and get herself in better physical shape. I write to you because she and I have been listening to your program together for the last few weeks and we both enjoy your work.

Bless you,

Jillian Maxwell (Washington, D.C., USA)

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Georgia, USA - 2010-01-27

Dear Raymond

I live in Georgia but here is the kicker, my mother is from Belfast and I learned at the age of 50 that I am dual citizen by descent if I choose. I too am a follower of Yeshua and of the early house groups of which how they first started. I love the house church atmosphere I hear in the backround as I listen to you and the others.

This past year I just found out where my Grandfather is buried after many years of not knowing. Israel is the home of my faith, but Ireland is where my heart is. I believe not meeting in church buildings, but going into cell or community gatherings is the answer here in the last days. In order to reach the circle around us we must undenominationalize and reach the heart of people in need, then we will really be doing the great commission.

God bless you for the love you have for people, just as Yeshua had, though the Pharisees hated him he continued on doing God’s will. I hope you answer back because I really want to get to know you and your family. One day I’ll be coming to Belfast and hope to worship with you. Though I am a yank by birth, my heritage and heart is Ulster.

B’shem Yeshua
(in the Name of Jesus)

Brian Wynn (Georgia, USA)

New York, USA - 2010-01-23

Dear Pastor McCullough,

We only have sketchy information about life in Israel from the news media in this country. To me it seems so unusual that a Palestinian would be a priest in Israel. Really incredible. Especially in light of all he has been through.

Something good can come from any situation and I think that is what has happened with this man. He genuinely cares about humanity and his love of God has taken precedence over everything else. Love is definitely his guiding principle.

You always bring us interesting people to learn from.

Jane Macergen (Ithaca, New York, USA)

North Carolina, USA - 2010-01-23 Prayer request

Dear Pastor McCullough,

I need prayer for my husband. He has now been out of work for 9 months. He has taken odd jobs and temporary kind of things just to help out the situation.

However, he was earning a good living with the company he started with 28 years. It is tough for a man to start over at our age.

I am asking God to watch out for him and guide him into a line of work that will make him feel productive and good about hmself again.

Thank you sir.

Helen Tapley (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)

Montreal, Canada - 2010-01-23

Brother Raymond,

I really enjoyed the music at the beginning of your show today. I think you said the group is from Northern Ireland and called Northern Exposure. Did I get that right? Do you know if their music is available in the US?

You have one of the most interesting radio programs anywhere. Just great to hear this kind of broadcast.

Peter J. Thomas (Montreal, Canada)

Haiti? USA? - 2010-01-23 Prayer request

Dear minister McCullough,

I ask for a prayer. The world is so small these days and yet there is so much suffering. Please pray for my people in Haiti. They need God so much to help them through this very serious and bad situation.

Marie Jean-Max (Haiti?)

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New York, USA - 2010-01-17

I enjoyed your story about the churches and church building in India. I have always been fascinated with that part of the world and I find that Americans as a whole really know very little about India.

This country has a lot of cheap labor there, but other than that, we have very little understanding of the country.

By the way, I can certainly understand that language would be a major issue in developing churches there. Those people have an admirable mission.

Randi Poston (Buffalo, New York?, USA)

Wisconsin, USA - 2010-01-17 Prayer request

There are 4 people on my block who are out of work and all of them have families with small children. I have pledged to do what I can to help them, but they need much more.

I pray that they will all find other jobs quickly and that God will guide them to make good and appropriate decisions for their families.

Please put them on your prayer list Pastor McCullough.

Faye Parker (Madison, WI, USA)

Los Angeles, USA - 2010-01-16

Dear Brother McCullough,

It is a fabulous cultural and spiritual experience just to listen to your broadcast. I have never heard so many varied bits of music and information from all over the world in one program.

This is quite the experience.

Randy Gould (Los Angeles, California, USA)

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San Diego, USA - 2010-01-10 Prayer request

I ask for your prayers Brother McCullough. The Lord has always come through for me and I really need him now. I have cancer and it doesn't look good. I got the initial diagnosis this past week and I am really scared. I go back for a followup appointment this coming week and I am really afraid and feeling so alone as I face this trial. I need God's help and I am praying for that.

Neal Thomason (San Diego, California, USA)

Boston, USA - 2010-01-10

The King’s Men outreach ministry was really interesting. I am glad you cover this kind of story. I get disgusted with the mainstream media and how they neglect these kind of stories and also how we have no coverage of anything going on in Israel other than just the standard US government line on our ally.

Ken Taylor (Boston, Massachussets, USA)

USA - 2010-01-09

I get to hear such good variety on your program. From Gaelic music to Middle Eastern music I love it all. That song "I'm Overcome" that I heard a little of today was also very nice.

This probably sounds odd to you, but we just don’t have this kind of variety in the U.S. and it is needed and appreciated.

Julie Thomas (USA)

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Montreal, Canada - 2010-01-06

Mr. McCullough,

Heard your program on the website tonight and had a chance to read a little about your ministry. Sounds very good. Will be listening.

Arthur Cannon (Montreal, Canada)

Los Angeles, USA - 2010-01-03

I am always amazed at how God works in people’s lives. The man you talked with today about the work he is doing with young people in eastern Europe was fascinating. I think you said that he is an automobile dealer. Who would think that the Lord would lead him in this direction.

In Christ the Lord,

Myrna Acosta (LA, California, USA)

Georgia, USA - 2010-01-03

I have been enjoying your program for several weeks now and I get a real kick out of its name. People here in Georgia say "God" in a very similar way (Gawd). I guess that reflects a similar ancestry.

Your unique broadcast is a delight and I am telling my friends about your work.

Bless you and Happy New Year!

Karen Johnson (Hinesville, Georgia, USA)

Hawaii, USA - 2010-01-02

I love the lively rhythms of the music you play on your program. I have always loved Irish music, but we just don’t hear that much of it on American media except for special occasions. It is great that you share your culture with us in the name of the Lord and his work.

A real blessing.

from Paul Ho (Hilo, Hawaii, USA)

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South Dakota, USA - 2009-12-26
Dear Reverend McCullough,

It was my intention to write to you all day yesterday, but one thing after another delayed me. Your program is unique and such a delight in the Lord with the outstanding Irish music (that "Healing Song" was great) and such exciting interviews. I am blessed to have come upon your broadcast.

Bless you and your ministry for the Lord,

Doris Murphy (Rapid City, South Dakota, USA)

New Hampshire, USA - 2009-12-26
The story that lady told about Christ’s appearances was absolutely fascinating. What power there is in the Lord and how he is really there for all of us.

I just found out about your program, but if this is any indication of what your work is like, I can’t wait to hear you again.

Bless you,

Jerry Chaffino (Concord, New Hampshire, USA)

Kansas, USA - 2009-12-26
Dear Pastor McCullough,

I heard your broadcast today and the Irish accent really caught my ear. I have not heard your program before and I was very pleased with your concept. I look forward to hearing you again.

In Christ,

Joanna Smithfield (from Dodge City, Kansas, USA)

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