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Past profile

Kingdom Come Trust is a Christian Trust, based in Northern Ireland and in operation since September 1990,
when we first published the Irish Christian magazine, Bread - logo, through to March 1996.
We hope to make some archive copies of Bread - logo available in due course.
(For up-to-date Christian news from around the world, go to our Bread NEWS International page)

In 1995 we were involved in publishing two books, (both available to purchase from Precious Oil Publications) –

'Ireland  now the good news!'  original paperback 'Ireland  now the good news!'  new Kindle edition ‘Ireland – now the good news!
edited by Raymond & Gerry McCullough


Obey the vision by Keith Gerner ‘Obey the vision’
by Keith Gerner

Working as one - article by Raymond McCullough - click to read In 1995 also, Raymond was asked to write a 1,000 word article for The Irish Times, Dublin, Rite and Reason column, which was entitled, Working as one is the route to survival and published on February 14th, 1995. (This article was later also published in the Presbyterian Herald, Belfast.)

At that time we maintained a website directory on the Christian church in Ireland – churches, organisations, conference centres, etc. – which, unfortunately, is now offline. We are considering whether to re-instate the website and once again provide this service to the church throughout Ireland.

Please let us know if you would appreciate such a service – and supply contact details if you wish to be included.

Email us to request further info. and updates.

1996-2003 – Cell-based fellowship

In June 1996 we began to lead a Cell Group – at that time part of the CFC/Lifelink network – which grew and multiplied to eventually involve four cell groups and became an independent fellowship for several years. During that time we worked with a number of very disadvantaged people with problems ranging from family breakdown and abuse, to alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

We saw a significant number of these people turn to the Lord, although our emphasis was on ‘making disciples’, not just seeing people make a decision. We also experienced many incidents of the Lord performing physical healing, miraculous provision and other miracles. During this time Raymond also began to use his own songs more in leading worship.

2003-on – Music & media production and writing

During 2003 we felt the Lord speaking to Raymond about getting involved in media production and to Gerry about her writing. The Lord enabled us to focus on this by removing much of our responsibility for cell groups. Raymond had already recorded some songs in 1989-90 and produced The great China Bike Ride CD from these early in 2004. In 2005 he recorded and released a Celtic/Hebrew worship album entitled, Into Jerusalem.

From this time Raymond was also involved for several years with an online radio station based in California, editing and producing shows and programming scripts to control the scheduling. In 2008 he also started to produce his own shows, In tha Name a' Gawd! and Fresh Bread. At the end of 2010 these shows started to broadcast on satellite via Universal Christian Radio (UCR) in Florida, with other satellite outlets being added later.

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