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'Into Jerusalem' - Celtic & Hebrew worship

Listen to 'Into Jerusalem' tracks Into Jerusalem

by Raymond McCullough

Our Celtic/Hebrew worship album, ‘Into Jerusalem’, contains 12 new worship songs from Raymond McCullough, with a distinctive Celtic flavour and an emphasis on the second coming of our Lord.

The songs range from lively Scottish/Irish jigs, reels, marches & bluegrass gospel, through rocky praise and solid Celtic hymns, to soulful Irish slow airs and Jewish/Israeli worship songs - finishing with a country/bluegrass anthem!

A wide range of traditional Celtic and other instruments have been employed to arrive at the final sound - mandolin, accordion, fiddle, whistle, banjo, bodhran, uilleann pipes - as well as the usual guitars, keyboards and drums. The use of the pipes on two of the Israeli songs gives them a very Middle-Eastern flavour!

A CD containing all the song lyrics as a Powerpoint presentation is also available for churches.

Click on the album pic above to listen to MP3s (or download MP3 samples) of all tracks.

[ Hear all the tracks on the album ]
‘Into Jerusalem’ CD

Into Jerusalem - cover

Lyric songbook

Lyric booklets for all the songs
on the album for churches and
fellowships to use in worship
- in packs of 10

OHP acetates

Set of 12 OHP acetates


PowerPoint lyrics

PowerPoint lyrics CD (in DVD case)


Fellowship bundle 01
  • ‘Into Jerusalem’ CD
  • pack of 10 lyric booklets and
  • set of 12 OHP acetates


Fellowship bundle 02
  • ‘Into Jerusalem’ CD
  • pack of 10 lyric booklets and
  • PowerPoint lyrics CD (in DVD case)

Funding this project

By purchasing a copy of the album you will help us to record, manufacture and distribute to radio stations and magazines.

In future, we hope to cover the bulk of our costs for recording and ministry trips through our sister company, Precious Oil Productions Ltd., through the production of high quality documentary TV, video and other services.

If you wish, you can partner with us in this work by making a donation directly to Kingdom Come Trust, using your Credit Card and clicking on the button below. To make a regular monthly gift of $10 or more, please go to our Partner page

Thank you for your encouragement!

Worship events
Raymond - with his daughters, Kelly and Connaire - has been leading worship in various locations, (including USA & Canada), for the past 11 years. They are available to lead worship for weekend retreats, days of prayer, etc.

Email us for details.
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