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The Whore and her Mother: 9/11, Babylon and the return of the King – by Raymond McCullough   A Wee Taste a' Craic by Raymond McCullough Ireland – now the good news! by Raymond & Gerry McCullough   In Six Hours .. the world changed – an apocalyptic thriller by Raymond McCullough In One Hour: Babylon will fall – by Raymond McCullough   'Oh What Rapture!' by Raymond McCullough Neighbours from Hell: Israel and the coming nuclear attempt to destroy her – by Raymond McCullough Facing the Beast: the antichrist and our response to him – by Raymond McCullough
  In One Hour .. Babylon will fall
book reviews (8)

***** Thank You April 08, 2020
By Grandbumpy

It was excellent to read this account of prophecy. It has been a great inspiration to me in my quest

***** t can happen March 01, 2020
By P. J. Cassel

The book is interesting. I was interested in seeing how the perception of prophecy played out in the book. The writing was thoughtfully planned, and reminded me that the events from the book of Revelations are not easily deciphered.

*** The on-going story...what happens next? December 07, 2019
By Hermine Dow

I recently read book one in this series and was looking forward to this sequel. It picks up where the other left off. The first book has Israel surrounded and under nuclear attack from her enemies, and no nation comes to help. This second book shows her surviving and the nations around her not only defeated but devastated and empty! So, now begins what some call The Second Exodus. People who self-identify as Israelites (the Ten Tribes) are returning to this new, greatly expanded Israel, and how Israel copes.

The same 4 couples are the ‘stars’ of this scenario. So again, you get 4 stories converging to the same destination.

The scriptural puzzle pieces the author tries to fit together are different from the first book. They are: Genesis 15:18, Exodus 23:31, Deuteronomy 11:22-25, Isaiah 27:12, Jeremiah 50-51, Habbakuk, Micah 7:5,6, Zechariah 2:6-7, Matthew 10:21, 2 Corinthians 6:17 and Revelation 17,18.

Personally I found Part One of this book boring for all the same reason I disliked some aspects of the first book, In Six Hours the World Changed. But I found Part 2 more interesting. In Part 2 the story shifts from mass migration towards Israel to how the author envisions the actual fall of ‘Babylon’ (USA) in one literal hour, and how one family escaped.

What one person thinks is interesting, or boring is very subjective. If you read book one, you'’ll want to read the rest of the story! And I think there must be one, two or three more books forming in the author's mind. And yes, I will read them.

***** Outshines book 1!, November 29, 2019
By Allen Arrington

I love historical novels. Fictional characters set in accurate historical events bring those events to life for me. In One Hour takes the same idea, only places the characters in the prophetic future, taking prophesy from a philosophical notion to real, living events. This book does what every good storyteller does; it puts the reader into the story.

**** Not as good as "Six hours" ..., November 05, 2019
By Thomas W Moss

Interesting take on Bible prophecies about "Babylon" and clear refutation of "secret rapture" idea, but narrative was too slow-paced for me. Had to persevere to complete it.

***** “In One Hour” brings forward a dangerous and chilling scenario., November 05, 2019
By perky

In One Hour - Babylon will fall Book Two - another compelling read from Raymond McCullough told through his interpretation of the Scriptures.

The story continues to unfold from Volume One - (In Six Hours - The World Changed). As the four pals(Shaul, Ali, Brandon, and Dev) gather together in Israel for the ingathering of the ten tribes of Israel.

Shaul and his comrades in arms the Israeli Army IDF start to unravel the carnage of the broken infrastructure in and around the countries around Israel to ease the travelling of the tribes of Israel, they build pontoon bridges and repair roads and set up check points and Hospitals along the route.

Shocks and surprises occur along the way.

Ali(who changes his name to Aviv - meaning Spring) from the Pashtun tribe and his girlfriend Khaista travel from Afghanistan to Israel encountering nuclear bombed towns and cratered roads and damaged airports on the way.

Brandon, Alyssa, Niamh and Dev, make plans. Rueben, Shaul’s brother is sceptical even after being told of the underground movement of Jews to the homeland Israel, Reuben wouldn’t or couldn’t see it at this time.

The situation in the United States does not improve. The Department of Justice begins to target more and more Jewish and Christian institutions with lawsuits and arrests and incarcerates many for dubious and seemingly made-up ‘crimes’. The accused were forced to spend a lot of their hard-earned resources on their defence – often made even more difficult by the prosecution by extreme demands for thousands of unnecessary documents in the ‘discovery’ process.

Aliyah (Olim) immigration to Israel (ingathering of the Tribes of Israel) continued even from India (the Menashe from eastern india and the Kashmiris from the north and the Pashtun (Afghanistan and North West Pakistan).

The USA stops the transferring of money to Israel, making it difficult for the Jewish Aliya(immigration to Israel) and makes it difficult to get passports and Visas.

Peoples of all religions and none (anyone outspoken, preaching, activists, especially those teaching others to take the bible/prophecy seriously) are being rounded up. Some churches are pulling back and endorsing evolution, abortion, same sex marriage.

Children are being encouraged to report on families who hold to bible teaching/creationism etc. even their own families.

The words of the prophet, Micah, that Jesus once quoted in Matthew 10, are being fulfilled in modern-day America, "Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard the words of your lips. For a son dishonors his father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law – a man’s enemies are the members of his own household." Micah 7:5.

Amazing extraordinary discoveries when excavating in preparation for the third Temple of the City of David (below the Garden Tomb) This is believed to be the site of Jesus’ Crucifixion - the Chief Rabbi concludes this new evidence is Incontrovertible truth to the jews that Jesus is the Messiah.

Then ten of the most powerful nations gather to hand power over to him - Adonikam Suleiman from the Islamic world.

The fall of Babylon(USA) is at hand.

Reuben realises he was wrong and he and his family make tracks for Israel via Canada.

A riveting read from Raymond you are kept enthralled on each page as to what is coming next. A fascinating read which held me in its grip until I finished the book. Raymond’s writing continues to fascinate me. This outpouring of his interpretation of the Scriptures is as engaging as it is intriguing. Although the characters are fictional the prophecies are Raymond’s interpretation of Scripture. Will it come to pass? Yeshua - Jesus will have his way.

***** “In One Hour” brings forward a dangerous and chilling scenario., October 28, 2019
By Warren Harry

In Raymond McCullough’s follow-up to "In Six Hours," the story continues, post war. Not knowing a lot about the fight of the Jews and Israeli people, I did, at times, struggle to understand some of the history behind all of this. But, it goes on to tell how the people begin to rebuild their country, and to finally feel some of that foretold freedom. There again, there’s always the undercurrent of how hurt they are too. At one point, Shaul says; ‘Yes, there’s little sign of the US apologising for the hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries we’ve suffered as a direct result of their so badly mistaken policies.’ Yes, you can tell, all is not well.

There are less Bible references in this second book, but that’s not to say that they are ignored. However, I wasn’t ready for several paragraphs about The Ark of the Covenant and other archaeological discoveries. At one stage, what is found is explained by Rabbis during a blanket broadcast on Israeli TV & Radio. ‘Our sincere conclusion, my friends – and we have gone into this most thoroughly – is that Yeshua HaNotzrim was indeed the Moshiach, the redeemer of Israel. For two thousand years we have denied Yeshua, but we are now faced with incontrovertible evidence that he was indeed – and is – the true Messiah of Israel.’

Although the characters in these books are fictitious, (they lead on from the previous book) the events they are involved in are based directly upon the predictions of the Hebrew prophets – and, of course, Raymond’s interpretation of them. A hundred years ago the State of Israel was only a faint hope in the hearts of a few pioneering Jews, scoffed at even by their fellow Israelites. Today, Israel is the most advanced and powerful nation in the Middle East, yet still continually under threat from the surrounding nations. The Middle East, and much of the world, are today dominated by Islamic fundamentalism. Will that continue? Today, America is the world’s only superpower. Could a time come when that is no longer the case? "In One Hour" brings forward a dangerous and chilling scenario.

***** Chilling and Timely, October 13, 2019
By Barbara Silkstone

Having read the first book in this two book apocalyptic thriller series, I braced myself for the intensity of the second story. In One Hour… Babylon Will Fall.

The four young men we met in In Six Hours ...The World Changed are reunited to take part in the largest migration of human beings—ever. The timeliness of this story is chilling. The characters are strong and compassionate, but are they up to the challenges that confront them?

Mr. McCullough appears to have a passionate understanding of world events and the people who struggle for and against them. I believe the first book was written about four or five years ago, but it reads like a peek into man’s future. And now that future is upon us. Highly recommended.

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