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Western Wall, Jerusalem
Raymond McCullough The world will come to an end but music and love will endure (Irish proverb)
'Ireland - now the good news!' by Raymond & Gerry McCullough 'A Wee Taste a' Craic' by Raymond McCullough ’In Six Hours ... the world changed’ by Raymond McCullough ’In One Hour ... Babylon will fall’ by Raymond McCullough 'The Whore and her Mother: 9/11, Babylon and the Return of the King' - AudioBook by Raymond McCullough 'The Whore and her Mother: 9/11, Babylon and the Return of the King' by Raymond McCullough 'Oh What Rapture!' by Raymond McCullough ’Neighbours from Hell’ by Raymond McCullough ’Facing the Beast’ by Raymond McCullough new
Raymond McCullough  
Author, media producer, satellite radio & podcast host and Celtic folk/rock singer/songwriter  
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The great China Bike Ride

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Into Jerusalem

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In Six Hours

A Crowd Review of the song, Want to be Different from the album, Different on:

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Generally, listener reaction to this song was positive.

When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10, reviewers reported a 7.4 on average, which ranks this song in the 87th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. Most listeners rated your song a 8, and did want to hear your song again after listening to it once. When reviewing your song, the most commonly selected words were vocals, voice, lyrics, good, love.

According to a sentiment analysis of those written reviews, listener comments were generally neutral. Based on the results of this study, this song is very well liked, and is likely ready for promotion to a wider audience.

Generally, listener reaction to this song was positive.

Selected Reviewer Comment:

The stringed-instrument (possibly guitar) was very enchanting and easy to listen to. It was able to carry the flow of the song really nicely. The vocals seem to fit the style of music I'm hearing pretty nicely. I liked the female backing vocals behind the male's vocals. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! I loved this song!
Reviewer 35 (M) 10/10

I totally enjoyed listening to this musical selection. The tempo was quite lively and made me feel like jumping up and dancing. There was a "folk-like" quality to this song and I would love to hear more just like this!
Reviewer 70 (F) 9/10

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Country Music Round Up magazine (UK)

'Country Music Round Up' magazine Read the interview

Marc Gunn
Texas, USA, editor Celtic MP3s Music Magazine - 2005-08-21

"... an Irish gem. I've wanted to feature this talented Irish songwriter for a long time. Raymond combines traditional Celtic music with contemporary songwriting while fusing musical styles from China and Israel with Celtic Christian themes. He has a totally unique musical style that's had him topping the charts on various Celtic Christian internet radio stations."

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