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'Into Jerusalem' - Celtic & Hebrew worship

Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast - subscribe via iTunesChristian Fellowship Church, Belfast - subscribe via iTunes
Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast

Grace Fellowship, Dundalk, Ireland - subscribe via iTunesGrace Fellowship, Dundalk, Ireland - subscribe via iTunes
Grace Fellowship, Dundalk, Ireland

Derek Prince Legacy Radio - subscribe via iTunesDerek Prince Legacy Radio - subscribe via iTunes
Derek Prince Legacy Radio

Submit your music to Celebrate Radio - satellite and internet radio
Submit your music to Celebrate Radio

Partner with us to 175 countries on satellite radio

On December 19th 2009 we launched into an exciting new phase of operation - beginning to broadcast our radio programmes on satellite all over the world!

(See our page on Universal Christian Radio)

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The Americas, Caribbean, Pacific, Australasia!

As a start, via Universal Christian Radio we now have (December 2009) our 30-min, ‘In tha Name a’ Gawd!’ series on 3 satellites - every Saturday morning, across North America, Central America & the Caribbean, in northern parts of South America, Hawaii, New Zealand, eastern Australia and other parts of the Pacific region. The potential audience on the combined Galaxy 19, SpiritCast & GloryStar satellites is in the region of 480 million people!

Footprint of the Galaxy 19 satellite - Americas, Caribbean, Pacific, New Zealand & Australia

The ‘In tha Name a’ Gawd!’ shows consist of music, NEWS (see our Bread NEWS International podcast), and faith-based interviews and are broadcast at 10:30 EST (07:30 PST, 15:30 GMT) on UCR. You can already listen to several of our series on our Podcast page - eg.

ING 01 - ‘Miracles in Galilee today’ Listen to ING 01 on
Canadian Irene Bredlow, praying for divine encounters in Israel

ING 02 - ‘Street kids at risk in eastern Europe’ Listen to ING 02 on
Peter Hewitt, from Northern Ireland, seeing young lives transformed.

ING 03 - ‘Faith under fire in the Negev’ Listen to ING 03 on
Eddie & Lura Beckford, under house arrest in Arad, Israel.

'In tha Name a' Gawd!' podcast - Subscribe FREE with iTunes

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We already have some very positive email responses from listeners who have been blessed and encouraged by this broadcast. We have added a new ‘Feedback’ page so you can read these emails for yourself - and be encouraged, too!

Europe, Russia, Middle East & North Africa

We are funding this initial stage of satellite broadcasting from our own resources, but we are also looking in faith for an increase in funding, so that we can greatly extend this satellite coverage. We hope that if you share our vision you may be willing to partner with us, (even as little as $10/month), so that we can extend this coverage to over 5 billion people - in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia & Africa.

Footprint of the Eurobird 9 satellite - Europe, Russia, Middle East

The second satellite service (from January 2010) gives us coverage in up to 70 more countries, reaching many more people - especially in little-reached areas such as Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. With an increase in funds we can also put up more shows each week, on both satellite services - eg. our ‘Fresh Bread’ teaching series with Raymond McCullough.

Footprint of the Intelsat 10 satellite - Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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Our third satellite service (February 2010) now covers Asia and all of Africa. This means we now have a total potential audience of 7.5 billion people in most of the world (now 175+ countries).

In order to make it easier for our partners to contribute to this we have set up a new Subscribe button, below, which allows you to contribute on a monthly basis - from $10/month up to $200/month! (We've also included an Unsubscribe button, in case your circumstances change in these uncertain times!)

If you would rather make a one-off gift, instead of a monthly commitment, you can donate whatever amount you choose, using the Donate button.

You can also be involved by committing yourself to pray for our outreach and for specific requests sent in by our listeners. If you live in the current broadcast area, or have friends in that region, please consider emailing them about the show, sharing the information on your FaceBook status, Twitter, etc., or by making an announcement at your church/fellowship/prayer group. Help us get the word out about these broadcasts!

Make a regular monthly commitment

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If you do not wish to commit to a monthly subscription, but would like to make a one-off donation, use the Donate button, below.

We recognise that circumstances can change and that you may, for a number of reasons, want to cancel your subscription, so we have made it simple by adding the Unsubscribe button below.

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