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Radio broadcasts

Fresh Bread: Your kingdom come - podcast info   In tha Name a' Gawd! - podcast info
[ Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come ]     [ In tha Name a’ Gawd! ]

The information on this page is aimed mainly at radio stations and networks looking for program content, (others are welcome to browse the links here, but you will probably find our Podcasts page more useful).

We have two series currently available:

‘Fresh Bread: Your kingdom come’ is a 13-part series, (with a second 13-part series to follow). The first section covers topics and events concerning the Lord's coming, while the second will focus on what our response should be to the nearness of that event and will be titled, ‘The Bride - pure and spotless’.

(We are currently upgrading this to a 30-min )

Our other show is, In tha Name a’Gawd! - a magazine programme based on our original Belfast-area show from back in 1993. (A podcast episode of the original show is available). This new series of 30-min shows features music, ‘Bread NEWS International’, (from around the Christian world - from our ‘Bread’ NEWS page), and inspiring interviews and testimonies.

You can preview the two available series from the links above, in either streaming MP3, or RAM, format. You can also subscribe to both series via iTunes. The programs are also available in broadcast quality format (MP2) to download from the Public Radio eXchange ( site. (PRX make a nominal charge for these programs.)

Celebrate Radio: exciting radio for the rest of us - positively music and more! Listen NOW! to Celebrate Radio - 32kbps
Celebrate Radio

We have also recently become more involved with Celebrate Radio, run by Don Fass in San Francisco, USA and available 24/7 worldwide on the internet.

We are currently updating the website, adding new podcasts and producing some compilation albums. The mix was originally Christian worship music and CCM, Jewish Contemporary music and carefully selected secular music from a wide musical spectrum - with short contributions from Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham, Max Lucado, etc.

We have just recently (July 2008) launched our brand-new schedule of talk radio programmes, including:

Shabbat Shalom: (Friday evening) - a two-hour programme of Jewish Traditional and Contemporary music, with a short talk from Rabbi David Wolpe, of Sinai Temple, LA

Celebrate Kids: (Saturday) - a two hour programme of children’s music, plus Radijo Jo, a children’s program from Germany. This is followed by California musician, Bryan Duncan, with Radio Rehab - Rhythyms of Redemption.

Worship Sunday: - a 9-hour programme (repeated!) of Praise & Worship music, plus talks, interviews and Christian music shows - including: Reaching Up! radio, NCM Radio Show (UK) and our own Fresh Bread and In tha Name a' Gawd! series.

Celtic/Roots: (Thursday evening) - a three-hour programme of Celtic and Roots music.

Reaching Up! radio - music, some cool wisdom and special guest! Listen to 'Celebrate Radio FM' preview podcast, on
Reaching Up! radio - syndicated talk and music show

We also syndicate our new Celebrate Radio, Reaching Up! radio series to local FM and AM stations worldwide. If you represent a radio station looking for quality interviews, with ‘positively music’ programming, listen first to our preview podcasts,

or go ahead and Register with Radio stations - buy 'Reaching Up! radio' series from Public Radio eXchange,
so that you can preview, then purchase and download the series there:

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Fresh Bread: 'Your kingdom come' - radio series

Fresh Bread: 'Your kingdom come' - podcast series

Radio series (due on UCB Ireland - and other stations - during 2008):

‘Your Kingdom Come’
by Raymond McCullough

Subscribe to this Podcast NOW via iTunes

Listen to KCT Podcasts on PodOmatic  Listen to this Podcast series on PodOmatic
Radio stations - buy 'Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come' series from Public Radio eXchange
'Your Kingdom Come' - CD pack, 13 episodes

We now have available a series of radio broadcasts, (currently broadcast on Celebrate Radio - and soon on UCB Ireland (satellite) and syndicated to other AM/FM and satellite stations).

The program is called, ‘Fresh Bread’, and the first talks are on the theme of ‘Your Kingdom Come’ — a two-part series on the events and signs of the Second Coming of Christ. (The next series will focus on our preparation and response as His people to the nearness of His coming). The first series is now available.

The topics for the first 13 broadcasts are listed below:

      • 01 Good news of the kingdom Listen to this Podcast on PodOmatic
      • 02 Jesus is coming back! Listen to this Podcast on PodOmatic
      • 03 Signs of His coming Listen to this Podcast on PodOmatic
      • 04 The fig tree blossoms Listen to this Podcast on PodOmatic
      • 05 Two sticks become one
      • 06 Collapse of Mega-Babylon
      • 07 Antichrist fills the breach
      • 08 The Group of Ten
      • 09 Great tribulation
      • 10 Mother of all battles
      • 11 The millenium kingdom
      • 12 The final judgement
      • 13 Timeline and FAQs

The talks will be available in a CD pack for those who have missed any episodes. Notes on the series, (with bible references, etc.), will also be available for purchase from this website. Bookmark this site and come back for more info. - or, better still, join our mailing list!
Send an email with the subject, ‘KCT - join’, and you will be added to our list.

Raymond has recently been asked to speak on this, and other, topics and is available to speak at future events.
Please email to arrange.

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Fresh Bread: 'Your kingdom come' - podcast series

'In tha Name a' Gawd! - podcast from Belfast, Northern Ireland' - webcast   Subscribe to this Podcast via iTunes

  Radio stations - buy 'In tha Name a' Gawd!' series from Public Radio eXchange

In tha Name a’ Gawd!  

New international faith-based radio show: Celtic, rock and worship music, faith-based news from the Christian/Messianic world and testimonies of G-d’s supernatural work!
(now broadcasting on Celebrate Radio
and soon on satellite & AM/FM stations)

In tha Name a’ Gawd! - 96.7 FM Radio Show, Belfast (1993)  

This radio show was originally hosted and produced by Raymond McCullough from May to September of 1993, every Saturday night on 96.7 BCR, (Belfast Community Radio - now Citybeat).

For more info, see our Podcasts page.

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