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Bread NEWS International podcast

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Bread NEWS International

‘Bread NEWS International’ is a regular 4-min faith-based NEWS show - featuring news from Israel, the persecuted church and other encouraging, or challenging, events from around the world.

"Your mix of news and music and interviews is not a common occurrence
We welcome the breath of fresh air"


"I really like the little news stories that you do"

"the news bits ... are really very good
particularly interested in the story about the dating of the Bible"

(New York City, USA)

"Benjamin Franklin said it, "Spare the rod and spoil the child""

"I have to agree with ... the "spanking" study
You have a great show"

(Hawaii, USA)

"Lemon Grass ... a very good news story
We all need to know things like that"

(US Virgin Islands)

"so many varied bits of ... information from all over the world
quite the experience"

(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

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Genetic testing raises an age-old question - are the Jews a people, or a religion?
and ...
Egyptian Couple Shot by Muslim Extremists Undaunted in Ministry

EgyptReport from Compass Direct NEWS:

Rasha Samir was sure her husband, Ephraim Shehata, was dead. He was covered with blood, had two bullets inside him and was lying facedown in the dust of a dirt road.

Seconds before, Samir could hear her husband mumbling Bible verses. But one bullet had pierced his neck, and now he wasn’t moving. In a blind terror, Samir tried desperately to stop her panicked breathing and convincingly lie still, hoping the gunmen would go away. Finally, the gunfire stopped and one of the men spoke. "Let’s go. They’re dead."

On Feb. 27, lay pastor Shehata and his wife Samir were ambushed on a desolate street by a group of Islamic gunmen, outside the village of Teleda in Upper Egypt. One of the attackers pushed him off his motorcycle and told him he was going to teach him a lesson about "running around", or being an active Christian. The attack was meant to "break the hearts of the Christians" in the area, Samir said.

Genetic testing raises an age-old question - are the Jews a people, or a religion?

Report from New York Post:

Two new genome studies of Jews worldwide prove that the Jewish people - are, indeed, a people after all.

The first study, by researchers at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, found that Jews across the globe share distinct genetic traits that are different from other groups and that trace back to the ancient Middle East. Researchers say the study, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, puts to rest age-old questions about whether Jews are a group of unrelated people who share a religious ideology or a distinct ethnicity with common ancestry.

"The debate is over," said Dr. Edward R. Burns, one of the lead authors of the study. "The Jewish people are one people with a common genetic thread that evolved in the second or third century BC."

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Thousands of Aboriginal People Converge on Ottawa, Canada
and ...
Nepal Churches Growing Despite Persecution & Tensions

Report from Worthy News Asia Service:

Advocacy group - U.S.-based International Christian Concern - said that Nepal's churches are experiencing "unprecedented growth" despite reported political turmoil and persecution. ICC reported that an increasing number of people turn to Christianity in Nepal at a time when the Asian nation faces turmoil, including a strike by the Maoist party.

The organisation cited research from mission group, Build International Ministries (BIM), as proof that the Nepali churches grew from a handful in the 1950’s to denominations with over 100,000 active members today. "Churches are growing by leaps and bounds everywhere," amid difficulties, added BIM President, Sandy Anderson, who spent the last 25 years working with Christians in Nepal. "We have had a heavy transition in Nepal, but despite the difficult situation the church continues to thrive."

Thousands of Aboriginal People Converge on Ottawa, Canada

Chief Kenny BlacksmithReport from Forgiven (

Thousands of Aboriginal individuals assembled in Ottawa recently to release the forgiveness that Prime Minister Stephen Harper requested in 2008. The Prime Minister concluded his apology for Indian Residential Schools by requesting "the forgiveness of the aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly."

"At that moment," says Chief Kenny Blacksmith, "the onus was placed on our people as individuals to respond. The only way to come into our full healing as the First Peoples of Canada is to forgive. Forgiveness is not political; it cannot be bought or sold; it cannot be legislated. It is an individual choice that can break the generational cycle of victimization and accusation."

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‘Ray of Hope’ as Iraqi Parliament Approves Five Christian Seats
and ...
It’s True: Israel Was the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’

Report from Worthy News Asia Service:

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) reports that the Christian community in Iraq "may see a ray of hope" as Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court has approved the results of the March election which include five Christian seats in the Iraqi parliament.

According to the report, the five Christian seats comprise part of 14 seats in the Iraqi parliament that are held by non-Muslims. The legislature has a total of 325 seats. Last term, Christians only held two seats.

It’s True: Israel Was the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’

BeeReport from Breaking Christian News:

The Bible often refers to Israel as the "land of milk and honey," but until recently most scholars assumed the "honey" referred to a fruit nectar. Now, since the discovery of a 3,000-year-old apiary in the Jordan Valley three years ago, and the theory that the bees were actually from Turkey, researchers believe the Bible was referring to the "real thing."

"This is a very special discovery ... because there is no evidence from before for bringing any kind of animals from such a distance, especially bees, which represent a quite complicated, sophisticated type of agriculture," said archaeologist Amihai Mazar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "This throws new light on the economy of the Biblical period."

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An Iranian has a vision of Jesus
and ...
Second Wave of Deportations Hits Foreign Christians in Morocco

Report from Compass Direct News:

In a second wave of deportations from Morocco, officials of the majority-Muslim country have expelled 26 foreign Christians in the last 10 days without due process.

Following the expulsion of more than 40 foreign Christians in March, the deportations were apparently the result of Muslim hardliners pressuring the nation’s royalty to show Islamic solidarity.

The latest deportations bring the number of Christians who have had to leave Morocco to about 105 since early March. Christians and expert observers are calling this a calculated effort to purge the historically moderate country, known for its progressive policies, of all Christian elements – both foreign and national.

Khosrow, from IranAn Iranian has a vision of Jesus

Report from

Even as a small child, Khosrow questioned the "meaning of life." Everything around him raised questions. Why do flowers have color? What’s beyond the stars? Where do we go when we die? When no one could answer his many questions satisfactorily, his sensitive nature gave way to a growing depression.

One day as a young man, he passed by an Assyrian Christian church and decided to go inside, thinking he might find answers to some of his "questions." There were only a few elderly women there and an elderly pastor who gave him a box of books. The books were all in Farsi and among them was a copy of the New Testament, which Khosrow read from cover to cover. But the experience of reading alone was not enough to satisfy his search for answers. He threw the book across his room in despair.

Just then, the form of a man came to him in a vision. This man extended his hands toward Khosrow and told him: "Take my hands and everything will change forever".

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Saudi Forces Free Kidnapped Christian Girls In Yemen
and ...
Israel Gas Field Is Now Twice the Size of Previous Estimates

Israel gas fieldBy George Whitten, Worthy News, Jerusalem

Israel's discovery of the one of the world's largest natural gas fields is much larger than previously estimated, according to a new report obtained by Worthy News.

The Tamar Gas field, offshore from Haifa, is now worth $8 billion, nearly double previous estimates of local analysts, said a report prepared by Wood Mackenzie Research and Consulting.

Tamar is the world's second largest natural gas discovery over the past 18 months. Natural gas will be flowing into Israel by 2012, officials said.

Saudi Forces Free Kidnapped Christian Girls In Yemen

Report from Worthy News’ Stefan J. Bos:

Saudi Arabia's security forces freed two German Christian girls kidnapped nearly a year ago in neighboring Yemen but the fate of their abducted parents, their infant brother and a British engineer remained unknown, officials and Christians said on May 18.

Anna Hentschel, 3, and Lydia Hentschel, 5, were reportedly rescued in an operation targeting the hideout of their abductors in Yemen. The raid, in which Saudi military helicopters took part, happened in the Shada district of the north-western Yemeni province of Saada, Monday afternoon, May 17, officials said..

The girls, who were part of a group of Christians kidnapped in Saada in mid-June last year, were transferred to Saudi authorities, the Saudi interior ministry confirmed.

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Release say, ‘Step up security in Nigeria and defend reporting freedom’
and ...
Jesus Was a Gypsy

Report from

"When a Gypsy becomes a Christian, the change is extraordinary", says Rudi Walter. He should know. Once in the grip of a drug and gambling addiction, he is a living example of a Sinte who has been powerfully transformed by an encounter with Christ. Now, as Scripture-use specialist on the Sinte Romani Bible translation project, he is eager to see God’s Word change the lives of many more Gypsies. "Jesus speaks Romani, and this touches our hearts", Rudi explains. "It is our language, and He speaks in Romani—into our problems."

Jos, NigeriaRelease say, ‘Step up security in Nigeria and defend reporting freedom’

Report from Release

Release International is warning that unless Nigeria steps up security to prevent violence against Christians in Jos, the situation could spiral out of control. Following the murder of three reporters, Christian human rights organisation, Release, is also calling for journalists to be protected so the truth can be openly reported.

A reporter from Nigeria’s The Nation daily newspaper was shot dead at his home in Lagos at the weekend, and Christians have been mourning the death of two journalists working for the religious press and five others, who were murdered by suspected Islamist extremists.

Nigeria’s opposition party, the Action Congress, warns that journalists are ‘becoming an endangered species’, and fears the security situation is worsening. Hundreds have been killed in religious violence in Jos this year.

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Improving 'Muslim-Jewish' Relations - Is it Possible?
and ...
When Was the Bible Really Written?

10th century BC pottery shard discovered in IsraelBy decoding the inscription on a 3,000-year-old piece of pottery, an Israeli professor has concluded that parts of the bible were written hundreds of years earlier than suspected.

The pottery shard was discovered at excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa near the Elah Valley in Israel - about 18 miles west of Jerusalem. Carbon-dating places it in the 10th century BC, making the shard about 1,000 years older than the Dead Sea scrolls.

Dr. Navras Aafreedi and TalibanCan the Taliban turn to be Israel-Lovers?

Are the Pathan/Pashtun tribes really one of the lost tribes of Israel?

Can we all be friends?

Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, is a Researcher in Indo-Judaic Studies and Medieval & Modern Indian History with a focus on Pathans/Pakhtuns/Pashtuns, and a Member of the Advisory Team on The Ten Lost Tribes Challenge: "Expeditions of Discovery".

Dr. Aafreedi says he was born a Muslim, but describes himself today as a Human Secularist with a deep belief in G-d. He spent a year in Israel and came away with a love and appreciation for the Jewish nation.

He says that there are perhaps forty million Pathans alive today who generally believe that they descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel calling themselves ‘Bani Israel’ (B’nei Yisrael/children of Israel).

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Church Bomber in Nepal Repents, Admits India Link
and ...
Spanked kids do better later in life

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, a psychologist has concluded that preschoolers who were spanked by their parents are more likely to grow up happier and be more successful than kids who have never been spanked, the National Post reported.

Dr. Marjorie Gunnoe, a professor of psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, believes there is not enough evidence to prove that getting spanked harms most children. She presented her findings at a conference of the Society for Research in Child Development.

Arab believers in JerichoDisillusioned with Hindu nationalists, the leader of a militant Hindu extremist group told Compass that contact with Christians in prison had led him to repent of bombing a Catholic church here in May 2008.

Ram Prasad Mainali, the 37-year-old chief of the Nepal Defense Army (NDA), was arrested on Sept. 5 for exploding a bomb in the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, in the Lalitpur area of Kathmandu on May 23. The explosion killed a teenager and a newly-married woman from India’s Bihar state and injured more than a dozen others.

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Fresh lemon grass fields become a mecca for cancer patients
and ...
A Lebanese woman tells the truth!

Brigitte Gabriel was raised in Lebanon, where she was taught that the Jews are evil, Israel is the devil, and "the only time we will have peace in the Middle East is when we kill all the Jews and drive them into the sea."

In a speech made at Duke University, Maryland, USA, she declared, "I’m proud and honored to stand here today as a Lebanese, speaking for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. As someone who was raised in an Arabic country, I want to give you a glimpse into the heart of the Arabic world."

Lemon grass plantA drink with as little as one gram of lemon grass contains enough citral to prompt cancer cells to commit suicide in the test tube, according to new Israeli research.

At first, Benny Zabidov, an Israeli agriculturalist who grows greenhouses full of lush spices in the Sharon region, couldn't understand why so many cancer patients were showing up on his doorstep asking for fresh lemon grass. It turned out that their doctors had sent them.

"They had been told to drink eight glasses of hot water with fresh lemon grass steeped in it on the days that they went for their radiation and chemotherapy treatments," Zabidov told ISRAEL21c. "And this is the place you go to in Israel for fresh lemon grass."

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Road to the Temple Mount uncovered;
Monsanto 'Terminator Technology'

and ...
Haiti Christians 'Miracle' Survival

Road to the Temple MountThe main road that ran from Jerusalem's City of David to the Temple Mount during the time of the Second Temple has been uncovered by Israeli archeologists, those involved in the dig said. The road connected the Shiloah pool in the City of David to the Temple Mount compound.

Monsanto, is in the process of acquiring and patenting their newest technology, known as "Terminator Technology." This technology is currently the greatest threat to humanity. If it is used by Monsanto on a large-scale basis, it will inevitably lead to famine and starvation on a worldwide basis.

Amid destroyed churches and the stench of human death, native Christians prayed for Haiti Sunday, January 24, and one believer said it was a miracle he had been found alive a full 11 days after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook his nation. Wismond Exantus, 24, was plucked to safety at the weekend – hours after Haiti's government officially declared the search for survivors over. Exantus thanked God for saving his life and added that he survived on cola, crisps, beer and whisky. At least 200,000 other Haitians are believed to have died in the disaster.

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Slumdog inspired us to set up Indian orphanage
and ...
A Church that is truly ‘on Fire’ in the City of Jericho

Arab believers in JerichoIn a report from the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Lena Kachinsky states that:

Karen Dunham was living comfortably as a single mom and an assistant pastor and had just been offered her own show on a Christian television network in San Diego. Instead, she felt an overwhelming desire to travel to Israel and pray.

A Catholic priest stopped her on the street in the Old City with an unexpected message: "If you go to Jericho and feed the people, you can win the city for Christ," he told her. Dunham and her son opened their home to the Arabs, handing out bags of rice with tracts inside to those who came for prayer and Bible teachings. She also regularly played the 'Jesus Video' in her garage

A County Armagh, N. Ireland couple have been so moved by the multi-Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, that they are setting up their own orphanage in south-east India.Janet and Nelson Thomas-Raja have given themselves an 18-month timetable to uproot themselves from their cosy life in Portadown and create an orphanage for at least 10 street children and raise them as their own.

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The face of Jesus appears over Mali capital
and ...
Son of Hamas leader becomes a Christian, embraces Israel

'Jesus Visions' picA Malian evangelist began to hear from neighbors who had seen the light that it held another puzzle. More than one eyewitness confirmed that in the light they had clearly discerned the features of a human face. But whose face?

The son of the leading Hamas figure in Judea and Samaria (the so-called ‘West Bank’) said in an interview with Ha’aretz that he has converted to Christianity and repented of his sins for being an active part of a culture of hate and death that targeted God’s Chosen.

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A 2,000-year-old seed comes back to life!
and ...
"You dirty, stinking Quechua ...", but now they are accepted!

When Wycliffe key partners, ‘Faith Comes By Hearing’, started distributing Spanish Bible recordings among Quechua people in Bolivia, it was soon obvious that most of them did not understand. So ‘Faith Comes By Hearing’ produced Quechua recordings for them.

One year later, church leaders reported that tremendous changes were taking place.

Date palm saplingIsraeli scientists have germinated a sapling from a date palm seed that is nearly 2,000 years old! "We are interested in preserving very valuable species in the Middle East," Dr. Sarah Sallon, who heads the project, told Israel Today. "Some of them are extinct, but may be able to be resurrected."

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Chinese priests and police in standoff
Catholic priests and police in the northern Chinese city of Tienjin are locked in a standoff. Some 50 priests and nuns say the local government gave their property to a developer and that construction workers beat them. The dispute comes as ties between Beijing and the Vatican have shown signs of progress.

Anti-Messianic protest, IsraelUS Report: ‘Israel unfair to Messianic Jews’
A State Department report on religious freedom criticizes Israel for its discriminatory treatment of Messianic Jews, foreigners and minorities, but fails to demand change in the government’s treatment of minority groups.

According to the report, Messianic Jews charged that, "government officials detained and denied entry to several of their members who were seeking to enter the country." The report lists specific examples of those who were denied entry or threatened with expulsion.

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The Turin ShroudTurin Shroud NOT a fake?
The Shroud of Turin: is it really a medieval fake? Or did scientists test a medieval patch, instead of the original shroud? A recent scientific study shows that this ancient linen cloth may indeed be the genuine Shroud of Christ!

Did Bob Marley become a Christian?
Did reggae musician, Bob Marley, become a Christian on his deathbed? Reggae gospel singer, Judy Mowatt sang vocals with Bob Marley as part of his backing band, The Wailers. She reports that Bob’s wife and his nurse both testify of his deathbed conversion.

A Native American embassy in Jerusalem?
Winnipeg First Nations pastor, Raymond McLean, plans to open a Native American ‘embassy’ in Jerusalem - with himself as the first ambassador.

Alan Yusim, of B’nai Brith, said, "Both peoples have suffered persecution. We’ve lost our land. We have had to struggle to preserve our language and culture in the face of great adversity. And we have both been victims of genocide."

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